Lakers recognize top athletes

Wesley Van Camp earns Pen High Lakers top athletic award



Pen High grads were given hoodies this year with the option of putting either their name on the back or “Forever A Laker.”

Wesley Van Camp, chose the latter.

“I thought Forever a Laker was something that would really stick with me,” said Van Camp. “It’s in my heart and in my blood.”

Van Camp’s passion for the Lakers and wearing the jersey resulted in him being recognized with the Robyn Muir Award, given to an athlete who is an inspiration to other athletes and coaches.

“It’s really special to me because I’ve talked to a bunch of people after the fact about who Robyn was,” said Van Camp following the athletic awards banquet held on Tuesday. “She just sounds like an outsanding person. The fact that people look at me that way is just something that I really take to heart.”

Van Camp, whose father Rick coached Muir, was shocked as he heard his name during the presentation of the award from his coach, Paul Mend. While he said he sees himself as a great athlete, Van Camp never thought something like that would be awarded to him. Sporting a short beard, Van Camp captained the senior boys volleyball team, played basketball and completed his high school athletic career with the rugby team. He was also a gold medal recipient at the ceremony.

The highlight of his season was leading the volleyball team to a seventh place finish in provincials. Van Camp will attend the University of Victoria next fall and hopes to find a place on their rugby squad.

Other major awards given out Tuesday were the Stiopu, Eward and Kevin Wagar Awards.

Receiving the Stiopu Award, given to an athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, ability and leadership towards other, but exhibits a dedication to improve himself/herself  as an athlete was Lucas Hooper.

The Eward Award, given to someone who demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication on behalf of others, was Nicolo Carboni, who is also a silver medal recipient. He was on the wrestling, track and field and rugby team.

Kaylie Loewen and Nakai Penny were recognized with the Kevin Wagar Award given to Grade 9 to 11 students who are coachable, display a positive attitude to their teammates and show passion and dedication to their sport. Loewen focused on volleyball, while Penny was a force for the rugby team.

“I’m really honoured to get it,” said Loewen.  “It’s really exciting that everything I have done is really paying off. It was nice to be recognized and I’m so glad they thought that I was worth getting it.”

What she enjoyed most about the season was meeting people and the fun they had. She said what helped her become a better athlete was the time and effort her coaches put in with her.

“I have always loved being in the gym,” she said. “I love getting to play volleyball whenever I can.”

Penny said the award means a lot to him. He has dedicated himself to becoming the best rugby player he can. He talked about how long it has taken for him to be “decent” in the sport over the last four years.

“It really hit home for me,” he said of the award. “It meant a lot, more than I expected it to.”

Penny said he isn’t much of a talker, choosing to be a leader on the field by example.

Penny was described by coach Ken Sommerfeldt as a strong aggressive player.

“He is a standout in every game,” said Sommerfeldt. “He always has a strong game.”

Lakers athletic medals are handed out to athletes in recognition of their contributions and participation towards sports at Pen High.


The medals are awarded based on a point system involving the number of teams and sports an athlete participates in. That list and other awards can be found on our website in sports at

Bronze Medal Recipients:

Blair Anderson Kyra Anderson Ciska Bakkeren

Sara Berthelsen Philip Bradley Emily Clarke

John Crofts Meg Cumming Kelsey Desroches

Cor Dewaal Aspen Dirk Travis Doroshuk

Colin Eden Thomas Edis Jack Garnier

Gabriel Girard Christy Grandbois Elena Greig

Ginger Herbert Jacyna, Daniel Kowalchuk, Jordyn

Alyssa Kroeker Hanna Lalonde Lannon-Paakspuu Tessa

Phong Lee Josie Mehrer Graham Millar

Jordan Nameth Mitchel Nevin Alexandria Pearson 

Annie Plant Felix Pryce Natasha Reimer

Aaron Ryan Bradley Styles Garrett Wiltse

Amy Woodhouse Richard Xiang


Silver Medal Recipients:

Amaya Black Deanna Bravo

Steffani Caron Jordan Farmer Cameron Lynka

Annaka Ramsay Mikala Vujcich


Gold Medal Recipients:

Parker Berry Maxine Chapman Janna Clarke

Keenan Findlay Lucas Hooper Courtney Milligan


Top Grade Awards

Lakers Inspirational Award – These awards are given to grade 9 – 11 athletes who demonstrate sportsmanship, motivation, and leadership towards others both on and off the “playing field”, and who also volunteers their time to assist teammates, coaches and other athletes.

Grade 9: Shayla Watson, Zoe Konanz

Grade 10: Sabrina Warkentin, Thomas Edis

Grade 11: Emily Clarke, Tanner Johnson, Blair Anderson

Top Grade Athletes – These awards are given to athletes who are considered to be the top overall for their grade and are often multi-sport athletes who achieve high levels at all their chosen sport(s).

Grade 9 Female Athlete: Sydney Foster and Anika Holowaty

Grade 9 Male Athlete: Cameron Gunning

Grade 10 Female Athlete: Tessa Lannon-Paakspuu, Elena Greig and Natasha Reimer

Grade 10 Male Athlete: Richard Xiang

Grade 11 Female Athlete: Emily Clarke, Anna Grandbois and Hayden Craig

Grade 11 Male Athlete: Kyle Hooper and Logan Mend

Grade 12 Female Athlete: Janna Clarke, Adrienne Penner and Steffani Caron

Grade 12 Male Athlete: Keenan Findlay, Cameron Lynka and Jordan Farmer