Local BMXers deliver results at home

Penticton’s BMX Club had a strong showing on its home track Saturday.

Right on the starting gate

Right on the starting gate

Penticton’s BMX Club had a strong showing on its home track Saturday.

Earning first-place finishes were Olivier Jacques, Aidan Danby, Josh Holland, Tyler Lamb, Francois Jacques and Cody Thompson.

Thompson turned out to be a force on Okanagan Valley BMX tracks for the club as he added two more first-place finishes and a third. The six-year-old was quite pleased with himself competing in the six intermediate group. His third-place result in Kamloops came against riders a year older.

“I liked the boys I raced with,” he said. “They were faster than me in Kamloops.”

Kathryn Golbeck of the Penticton BMX Club said the weekend was great and the race a success. She said the club hosted 166 riders, including their highest showing with 41 locals. The club earned eight second-place finishes and nine third place finishes. Riders also went to Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops. With having a smaller track, Golbeck said it makes it more technical and that the riders skills shine.

“We had quite a number of first’s, some expected and unexpected,” she said. “Most of our riders made it to the main race. It was nice to see the club coming together and supporting each other. Tamatea Westby came in second in the 9-class in his first. Olivier Jacques placed first and Jesse Buchanan was second in five and under.

“We were proud of those two,” she continued. “Before, they couldn’t make it around the track. It’s a big race for those little guys.”

“It’s beyond our expectations,” said club president Pat Buchanan. “I’m really amazed at the number of people that showed up. It’s turned out to be a good success.”

Goldbeck said the visiting clubs enjoyed the track, especially because of the changes made to it. She added that people enjoyed the spirit of racing.

“Lots of good times, we are glad the weather held up,” said Golbeck, adding she appreciated the efforts of volunteers.

For full results and video of the race, check www.pentictonwesternnews.com.

Below are the remaining results from the Penticton race:

Hana MacDonald 3rd — 8 girls class

Amy Whitty 3rd — 10 girls class

Jesse Buchanan 2nd — 5 and under class

Caoimhe Longmore       7th

Tyson Whitty     8th

Tyler Algar        4th

Joshua Schindel 3rd — 6 Class

Sam Plant

Connor Whitty 3rd — 7 Class

Nicola Thompson

Rhys MacDonald           4th

Sol Jacques 2nd — 8 Class

Keira Thompson

Nathan McLennan 2nd — 9 Class

Ayden Chura     5th

Maceo Raynolds

Jayden Wright-Hainz 3rd — Novice 10 Class

Jaylen Hearne 3rd — 10 Class

Logan Cole 2nd — Novice 11 Class

Leeum Jones    4th

Adam Gamblen

Terrance Paisley            4th

Paige Haamers 2nd — 14 Inter class

Kyler Babuin     6th



Josh Holland  2nd — 12 Cruiser

Leeum Jones

Chris Danby 3rd — 36 to 40 Cruiser class

Zack Raynolds  5th

Allan Jones 3rd

46 to 50 Cruiser class

Patrick Buchanan 2nd — 46 to 50 Cruiser class

Alyson Jones