PCSL working to bring women back

Penticton Murray GM Pinnacles among teams to be part of Premier Women's division in Pacific Coast Soccer League

THE PACIFIC COAST Soccer League is working aggressively to bring back the Premier Women's division

THE PACIFIC COAST Soccer League is working aggressively to bring back the Premier Women's division

The Pacific Coast Soccer League (PCSL) is working hard to bring its Premier Women’s division back.

The league did not operate the division this past season after the Victoria Highlanders folded and Whitecaps FC chose not to play.

PCSL president Dave Collard said the league currently has a commitment from the Penticton Murray GM Pinnacles and Kamloops.

They also have verbal commitments from three teams in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. Collard would like the league to have two Vancouver Island squads and four from the Lower Mainland join the Interior teams to form an eight-team division.

“The big challenge is getting the four teams from the Lower Mainland,” said Collard. “We’re hopeful that we are going to be able to do it.”

The PCSL will know where things stand by the end of 2015.

Along with losing the Premier Women’s division, the PCSL went without reserve divisions, which will remain that way. Collard said unless there is demand for it, they won’t pursue reserve division soccer.

The initial plan the PCSL had for that league was to use it to eventually promote teams to premier. That didn’t happen.

The league also discovered it wasn’t worth to have. Collard said they thought it would be a good idea to help develop premier teams and players. The only team that used it properly was Victoria United.

As for filling out the Premier Women’s division, any team will not do.

“This league only wants the finest teams. This has been the attraction of the Pacific Coast Soccer League,” he said. “We only want the top teams.”

Not running the women’s division disappointed Collard because Canada hosted the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

“What a year for this to happen,” said Collard. “It’s not easy for clubs today.”

As for the Penticton Soccer Club, Collard said the Tim Horton’s Pinnacles did very well despite having a record of three wins, one draw and 12 losses.

“For a young team, they can be proud,” he said.