Penticton BMX looking to get on new track

Penticton BMX Club aiming to relocate their track to Riverside Park.

Penticton BMX looking to get on new track

Bigger is better.

That’s what the Penticton BMX Club aims to prove when it presents a proposal to the City of Penticton soon to relocate their track to Riverside Park.

“We’re not too happy with where the track is. I fully believe and so does everybody else that is on the board, that if we move the track … we would have 100 people plus instantly at that track,” said club president Andrew Bayston.

He added that with a first-class facility, racers from Kelowna would also come regularly. With the current track at Lion’s Park being smaller, riders from Kelowna don’t feel it is competitive enough to make the trip.

Building a BMX course double the size of the current one would also allow them to host national races.

“Once you have that calibre of track, there is up to 1,000 riders plus family coming to town,” said Bayston, adding it will bring economic benefits to the city during a slower time in late September.

Bayston added they are not asking for much money and have approached local businesses to donate to help build the track.

“We want to relocate the track and build a first-class track,” said Bayston.

The club completed a successful season on Oct. 9. Its success was also in numbers as they doubled membership to 65-70 riders.

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