Penticton Pikes getting better times

Swimming at home helps Penticton Pikes improve their previous best times

MARK ANDREWS of the Penticton Pikes earned his best result in the 100 metre breast stroke. He improved his time by 1.66 seconds when he reached the end in 1:49.34 seconds.

MARK ANDREWS of the Penticton Pikes earned his best result in the 100 metre breast stroke. He improved his time by 1.66 seconds when he reached the end in 1:49.34 seconds.

More best times were established by Penticton Pikes swimmers during its host meet July 9-10.

Pikes coach Celina Glabus said her swimmers performed really well.

“It was good for the kids to compete against people who they don’t normally compete against,” said Glabus, adding some Pikes competed for the first time.

In the overall standings, the girls placed third, while the team was fourth. Glabus is happy with that considering the number of swimmers some teams had. Nearly 350 swimmers competed. Kelowna brought 80 and won the meet. The Pikes had nearly 60.

Earning aggregates were Ryan McMillan, David Archibald, Anders Say, T.J. Paisley and Ben Say. Paisley took first in division seven, McMillan took first in division two, Ben Say was third for division five, Archibald took first in OCAT 1 and Anders Say was third in division four. Madison Seeley took advantage of swimming at the Penticton Community Centre saying she loves competing at home.

“I like this meet the best because I know the pool and I know when to turn and when not to on the backstroke,” she said. “It was really fun.”

Seeley was able to trim time from some events, including 3.28 seconds from her 200 individual medley and 1.8 seconds from her 100 breast stroke, which she placed third.

Anders Say enjoyed the meet, especially because of his performance. In the 100-m breast stroke, he took first in one minute, 28 seconds and 27 tenths of a second. He cut 6.23 seconds from his time.

“That was a real fun, change for me,” he said.

Anders also took second in the 200 IM in 2:55.19, was third in the 50-m freestyle in 31.67 seconds and second in the 50-m fly in 35.52. Anders added that members from other teams were quick, specifically from the Kelowna Ogopogos, Salmon Arm Sockeyes and Port Moody

Aquarians. Anders brother Ben loved the competition, despite having trouble getting onto the podium.

“It was so good to have competition from all my friends,” he said.

Ben’s best results were in the 50-m fly, which he took second in 29.29 cutting .28 seconds. He was also second in the 100-m fly in 1:10.03.

“It’s been harder and harder to get best times,” he said.

McMillan took first in the 100 IM finishing in 1:28.30, in 50-m freestyle in 33.48, in 50-m fly in 38.33, in 50-m backstroke in 41.62, in 50-m breast stroke in 48.38, and in the 100-m freestyle in 1:13.54. Archibald took first in the 100 IM in 1:40.15, in 50-m free in 40.07, in 50-m fly in 47.06, in 50-m backstroke in 45.40, in 50-m breast stroke in 54.96, and in the 100-m freestyle in 1:29.12.

The turtle swimmers, or those six and under, performed well. In the 25-m freestyle, Ella Donoghue took first in 32.27, while Pellagia Portalaki was third in 35.54. In the 25-m fly, Donoghue took first in 40.93, while Portalaki was second in 49.36. Donoghue earned another top result in the 25-m backstroke in 33.26 seconds, while teammate Anna Mohoruk was third in 41.49 seconds. In the 25-m breast stroke, Mohoruk took first, while Aubie Ellis and Donoghue were third.

This weekend the Pikes travel to Revelstoke.