PenTown Throwdown lands participant praise

Skateboarders enjoyed the competition provided in the second annual PenTown Throwdown

Johnny Bradley clears the jump after a hand stand at the Penticton Youth Park during the pro BMX event Sunday

Johnny Bradley clears the jump after a hand stand at the Penticton Youth Park during the pro BMX event Sunday

BMX riders and skateboarders were fearless during the second annual PenTown Throwdown during Penticton Peachfest Aug.9-10 at Riverside Park.

Penticton’s Justin Sure was excited about his win in the Skate Pro category earning $700. One of the moves he pulled off to win was a Nolly Nose slide down the rail.

“It was all fun. Lots of good tricks,” said Sure, following the announcement at Okanagan Lake Park prior to the Stampeders show. “It all came together nicely.”

Another Pentictonite, Skylar Kehr, who now resides in Vancouver, took third for $275. He focused on working nines all weekend and was happy with his performance.

“I did the best to my abilities,” said Kehr, adding he got a hurt a bit.

Ross Ouellette took second in the intermediate level skateboard competition by landing some rails, which earned him $75.

“It was really fun,” said Ouellette, who came from Vancouver.

Ouelette was impressed with the event and said the other competitors were good.

“It’s kind of intimidating but, yeah, it’s good,” he said of watching them perform.

Ouellette, Sure and Kehr liked what they saw in the talent over the weekend.

“It was really good competition. It was really close,” said Sure. “I just try to skate for fun. I thought it was a good turnout, really. Good format.”

“They were amazing,” said Kehr, adding he got a push from them.

Winning the skateboard amateur, sponsored by Burger 55, was Mike Toma, getting $100. Taking third was Connor Smith, earning $50. The top three in the BMX sponsored by Boonstock was Brandon Van Dulken, cashing in for $500, Dave Dillewaard was second, erring $250 and Quinn Nelson was third, earning $150. Taking the bowl event in the amateur skate was Greg McLean taking $300, as did Colby Burns in BMX and Kehr in pro skate.

Peachfest director Scott Mayhew said he was pleased with how Saturday went, adding that they had a good turnout attracting competitors from Dawson Creek, Prince George, Vancouver and Alberta. Mayhew said he believes they will attract higher quality competitors next year and will have the announcer of Centre of Gravity work the event.

Mayhew was also pleased with the spectators and said he noticed a repeat of families in the amateur class and BMX, which had bigger numbers. There is also a desire to secure notable pro BMX riders early into the season next year and promote it.

The PenTown Throwdown received strong support from Burger 55, Boonstock and Burnco as sponsors.