Pikes step up at provincials

Penticton swimmers enjoy strong showing at summer wrap-up competition

The Penticton Pikes enjoyed a strong showing during the B.C. Summer Swimming Association provincials in Coquitlam over the weekend.

Pikes coach Elliot Clarke watched as swimmers recorded personal bests, achieved provincial rankings and set new Pikes club records.

“It was great. Tons of best times, which is impressive,” said Clarke.

Jaren LeFranc was the lone member to return with a medal, earning a bronze with the regional team in the medley. He also set a club record in the 50-metre breaststroke, while Ashley McMillan set a club record in the 100 individual medley and 50-m breaststroke. She also placed fifth in the 100 IM and was fourth in the medley with the regional team.  Clarke said it was great what the two accomplished.

“They took their swimming to the next level,” added Clark.

As for LeFranc’s performance with the relay team, he said the group worked hard and that the competition was tight.

“They worked really hard,” he said. “Excellent swims from all four.”

As for the other members, Leif Forge placed sixth in the medley relay and seventh in the free relay with Mason Heintz. Ben LeFranc was 11th in the medley relay with Richter Heintz.

Hayden Krause was seventh in the medley with the regional team, as well as 11th in the individual medley and 12th in the 100-m freestyle.

Jack McLennan was 11th in the medley and free relay. Ryan McMillan was 11th in the free relay as was David Paisley, who was also 11th in the medley relay.

Simon Paisley had three sixth-place results in the 50-m butterfly, medley relay and medley regional relay. TJ Paisley’s best result was 16th in the 200 IM, while Emma Wilson was sixth in the medley for the regional relay.

Overall, Clarke was very pleased with the results and said the best times achieved by the swimmers was impressive.

“It’s an excellent way to end the season,” he said. “Lots of fun.”

The swimmers will have a break now for a month and begin their winter maintenance training in mid-September.

Anyone interested in swimming with the Pikes during their winter maintenance training should email