Pikes swim to provincials

Pikes have 35 swimmers compete at regionals, eight earn berth to provincials

THE PENTICTON PIKES swim club kicked of the Okanagan valley regional competition in Kelowna last weekend with a team cheer as coach Cole Midtdal

THE PENTICTON PIKES swim club kicked of the Okanagan valley regional competition in Kelowna last weekend with a team cheer as coach Cole Midtdal

Eight Penticton Pikes swimmers are going to provincials in Kamloops Aug. 15-17.

Pikes coach Cole Midtdal, who will also compete with assistant coach Julia Veidt, said the regional competition in Kelowna last weekend went very well.

“We kicked some butt. It was really good,” said Midtdal of his 35 swimmers who competed. “It was nice to see the kids swim fast.”

Representing the Pikes at provincials will be Leif Forge, Ashley and Ryan McMillan, TJ and Simon Paisley, Hayden Krause as well as Ben and Anders Say.

“I’m impressed by a few. Anders Say really stepped up,” said Midtdal. “The Says had a really good meet. I knew that the kids were going to make it.”

Ben Say said the regionals was a great meet.

“It was a great chance to improve on my times,” said Ben, who qualified in the 50-metre fly and the 100-m breast stroke. “I took quite a bit of time off and I’m quite proud of that.”

When it comes to provincials, Ben said he’s excited about the butterfly event in provincials, but is unsure about his breast stroke.

Krause also enjoyed regionals, which saw him finish third in all of his events except the 100-m freestyle, which he won. Heading into provincials, Krause will be competing in the 100 individual medley, the 100-m freestyle and the 50-m freestyle.

Midtdal said there were fast swimmers at the meet, including some new ones. He noted Simon Paisley developed a rival with a swimmer from Golden.

“He will push him at provincials,” said Midtdal. “Salmon Arm always provides fast swimmers. They are really good. It seemed like all the clubs stepped it up. It was good competition and it was a lot of fun.”

Now Midtdal has been focused on pushing the swimmers hard, then he will taper things off leading into the provincial weekend.

Prior to the competition, the Pikes did their regional cheer, which Midtdal said was a lot of fun getting the kids involved.

“They dressed up as Minions and I dressed up as Gru,” he said of the Despicable Me characters.

Below are results:

Ashley McMillan broke all regional meet records for all four events.

Hayden Krause:

– 100-m free  1:12.59 (1st)

– 50-m free  35.17 (3rd)

– 100-m IM  1:32.89 (3rd)

– 50-m back  43.85 (5th)

Ashley McMillan

– 50-m free  33.12 (1st)

– 50-m back 37.34 (1st)

– 50-m fly  35.90 (2nd)

– 100-m IM  1:20.56 (2nd)

Ryan McMillan

– 50-m free  38.98 (1st)

– 50-m fly  41.38 (2nd)

– 50-m back  49.09 (1st)

– 100-m free  1:26.43 (2nd)

Simon Paisley

– 50-m free  25.86 (2nd)

– 100-m breast  1:16.04 (1st)

– 100-m free 58.32 (3rd)

– 100-m fly 1:07.21 (3rd)

TJ Paisley

– 50-m free 27.35 (3rd)

– 100-m fly  1:18.59 (1st)

– 100-m breast 1:22.46 (2nd)

– 100-m free  1:01.34 (3rd)

Anders Say

– 50-m breast 48.71 (2nd)

– 100-m IM 1:48.15 (7th)

– 50-m fly 50.33 (5th)

– 50-m breast 48.71 (2nd)

Ben Say

– 50-m free  30.89 (7th)

– 50-m fly 32.86 (5th but was a PQT)

– 100-m breast 1:26.94 (4th)

– 100-m free 1:10.63 (7th)

Leif Forge

– 100-m breast 1:24.48 (3rd)

– 50-m free 29.35 (7th)

– 100-m fly 32.18 (4th)

– 50-m fly 32.18 (4th)