Proud father watches son compete in Rio Olympics

Mark Mudahy watched his son Justin Duff and the Canadian mens volleyball team during the Rio Olympics

Mark Mudahy said it was amazing watching his son Justin Duff play volleyball with the Canadian Olympic team at the Rio Olympics.

“Beyond words, beyond words,” said Mudahy. “That kid works so hard. From a very early age, he worked his way up.”

Duff was born and raised in Winnipeg and earned a scholarship to the University of Winnipeg. From there he graduated and earned a spot with Team Canada. On Tuesday morning, Duff and his teammates’ Olympic journey ended in a three-game sweep (25-15, 25-20 and 25-18) at the hands of the defending Olympic champions, Russia.

“It was a little hard. It was a good game. They played well,” said Mudahy, who took a break from making the hot sauce he supplies to restaurants in Penticton, where he lives. “The whole team played well. I look at them and I look at the Russian team that they were playing and the only thought that came to my mind was that’s them at the next Olympics. They will be performing like that.”

Mudahy was amazed at the size of the Russians, considering that his son is six-foot-seven.

“He looked short compared to some of these guys,” he laughed. “He plays good. He’s a team player. When it comes down to individual one-on-one, he can stand on his own.”

Mudahy, who owned JBs Caribean Grill in Penticton for six years, stayed in touch with Duff by email. Duff will be visiting his father in Penticton shortly after returning to Canada with his team.

Duff plays club volleyball with Benfica in Portugal.