Rolling through Canada for chronic pain

Montreal's Daniel Fugère arrives in Penticton on Friday as part of his cycling journey to promote chronic pain

Daniel Fugère

Daniel Fugère

Daniel Fugère is cycling from Halifax to Vancouver to raise awareness and funds for people suffering chronic pain.

The Montreal native began his journey in early May and arrived in Penticton Friday.

“I feel that I am really touching a lot of people,” said Fugère, while in Revelstoke on Wednesday. “That is really the key of the whole project.”

As Fugère rides his bike across Canada rolling into various communities, he has enjoyed meeting people and has received support from everyone. When asked how people react to his cause, he replied “a lot of people are like, ‘What?’

“Others do know what chronic pain is,” he said. “They don’t necessarily understand why we are making a big deal out of it. It’s touching 20 per cent of the population. It’s touching a lot of people.”

Fugère is accepting donations while cycling, but said people can contribute by visiting Along with raising more awareness, the money will also go towards research. His target is to raise $10,000 and is at $6,000 so far. Fugère got the idea from his father Francois Fugère, a doctor in Montreal who specializes in treating patients with chronic pain. Fugère said he believes he is accomplishing his goal of making people aware. As for what it’s been like to cycle across Canada, Fugère said it’s been harder than expected, especially when facing winds.

“I knew the winds were dominant western,” said Fugère, a former spinning instructor who has always enjoyed cycling.

“My body really got used to it. It’s not nearly as hard as it was at first. Once I got into the Rockies, everything got easier.”

On Fugère’s website, he encourages people to join him. His riding schedule is shown after clicking on the link Cycle With Dan. People can also check in with Fugere at

“It’s been a pretty amazing experience,” said Fugere. “We live in a beautiful country. I’m realizing that gradually.”