Shooting club offering up zombies for target practice

Penticton Shooting Club offers people the chance to shoot zombies

Has watching The Walking Dead given you the urge to shoot a zombie?

If so, the Penticton Shooting Club is offering the public its chance to kill a few during the second annual Zombie Shoot on Oct. 27. The event is to give the public a place and time to come experience shooting in a safe environment with the added fun of some zombie slaying. Their goal is to push as many people through the safety training and zombie course in order to generate exposure to the shooting sports and club. Dax Kent, an executive with the club and the event co-ordinator, said they attracted 40 people last year. It was organized with little time to promote but the idea sparked interest. Now Kent wants to see it become a two-day event.

“The zombie thing is just overwhelming,” he said. “Movies coming out, The Walking Dead has been a huge hit.”

This year the targets are made of paper but the plan is to get them made of plaster and plastic foam filled with movie gel blood supplied by Zombie Supply Canada, who is their event sponsor. Kent encourages people to dress up. His hope is to have over 100 shooters come through.

“If the zombies do attack, would you be able to defend yourself,” asked Kent.

They are also seeking volunteers between 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Those interested can contact Kent at For more info visit or