Siblings find motivation within family to perform

Thompson siblings excited about competing in B.C. Summer Games

Makena Thompson will be representing the Thompson-Okanagan zone during the B.C. Summer Games in Surrey

Makena Thompson will be representing the Thompson-Okanagan zone during the B.C. Summer Games in Surrey

Those who inspire Makena, Tanner and Levi Thompson will motivate them to perform their best on the B.C. Summer Games stage in Surrey July 19 to 22.

Ever since Levi qualified for the summer games two years ago in track and field for the Thompson-Okanagan zone, sister Makena, 13, has dreamed of going. She’s inspired by her twin brothers, who she said are so athletic.

“They do everything to the best of their ability,” she said. “I want to be just like them.”

Levi is inspired by their father Ken, who coached Levi and Tanner for eight years in lacrosse.

“One of his favourite things he always told me is if you give five per cent more than everyone else you are going to win,” said Levi. “That is something I live by.”

Tanner is inspired by their grandfather Ed Boothman, who watches their games and will throw a wave whenever he gets a chance, even if Tanner is getting ready for a faceoff.

“He always says to try your hardest,” added Tanner.

Levi and Tanner made the box lacrosse team and will be joined by Connor Walton. When asked how their parents reacted to their selections, Tanner and Levi said simultaneously, “Our parents were proud.”

That was followed by laughs from the three.

“I think we were all happy for each other,” said Makena. “Just excited to be going together.

“It means a lot to me to be able to go,” continued Makena, who is on the girl’s fastball team. “I think it will be really fun meeting the girls from the whole Okanagan and just going out to have fun and play ball.”

After making the first cut in Summerland, Makena trained with two coaches in Westbank, one of them being Joni Frie, who worked with Okanagan girls fastball players in Kelowna.

“They definitely helped my skill level. I don’t think I would have made the team without them,” said Makena. “Most of the girls on the team are 14. It was lucky for me to get in.”

While the Thompson kids fight like any siblings do, she said, “We love each other.”

Tanner and Levi, 16, laugh about the verbal jousts they get into as it never becomes physical. When asked who is the eldest of the two, Levi responds that he is by 45 minutes. He then used the opportunity to take a brotherly jab.

“I did all the work, he just hung out,” said Levi of Tanner, who captains his Heat lacrosse team.

The relationship in the lacrosse box between the two is competitive. At times there is stress, which sometimes is caused by one of them missing a pass.

“There’s more anger there,” said Levi. “We also work really well together. We know how each other plays really well. We just kind of look at each other and see what moves we’re doing to know what’s going to happen. The chemistry there helps a lot.

“We make lots of plays without even knowing it,” said Tanner.

The B.C. Summer Games will also be a summer adventure for the Thompsons.

“Our family is very family-oriented, especially with the sports, it’s kind of a connection we all have together,” said Levi.

The trio does what they can to watch each other play but that can be challenging with conflicting schedules. When they aren’t playing, they love being on the beach and going camping.