Skater earns golden results

Glengarry Skating Club member Meagan Pankratz tests well for golden score

MEAGAN PANKRATZ is the first Glengarry Club Skater to pass all the Skate Canada gold tests since 2010.

MEAGAN PANKRATZ is the first Glengarry Club Skater to pass all the Skate Canada gold tests since 2010.

Meagan Pankratz delivered on a figure skating promise she made last year.

She told her grandmother she would get all her Skate Canada gold tests done by December.

“I didn’t quite make it by December, but I made it by February,” said Pankratz, who graduated early from Pen High in January. “Just being able to get all of those done and feel like I’ve reached my goal is really rewarding and exciting.”

Pankratz, 17, began her pursuit of passing the four gold medal tests when she was 10. Pankratz is the first skater in the club to accomplish the feat since Brittany Black in 2010. The golds are in free skate, two tests, interpretive, skills and dances — in which there are four individual tests.

“That’s awesome. That’s good for her,” said Glengarry Skating Club coach Trevor Buttenham.

Pankratz lost nearly two years of development when her coach in Oliver moved away, leaving her in limbo until joining the Glengarry Skating Club three years ago. Over that time Pankratz worked with Buttenham and the other coaches.

“Tests don’t come easy, they take a while, especially if the judge doesn’t think they are good enough,” said Pankratz, who has gotten back into soccer after stepping away from the game for a few years. “Then you will have to do it again the next time.”

The hard work she put in paid off as she passed each test on the first try. Her feeling of accomplishment also resulted in a few tears.

“I was so happy that I had actually passed all them. Your golds are your toughest ones too,” she said.

The next goal for Pankratz is to land a gig with Disney on Ice, which Buttenham is helping her audition for by putting together a video. Pankratz enjoys skating and doesn’t want to stop. She enjoys that environment of performing for people.

Getting a job with Disney on Ice will give Pankratz, who works with the club’s young skaters, the chance to do two things she loves: travel and skate. She’s confident in her chances of being able to catch on with Disney. Two reasons why is she is quick at picking up the choreography and she previously played piano, which helps her listen to the rythym.

“I can do a decent amount of jumps and spins like they do,” said Pankratz.

Pankratz described her club figure skating career as hectic, but she feels blessed with the opportunities she has had. She always improved each year, but getting her four gold tests is her biggest accomplishment.

“You can’t get any higher than that,” said Pankratz, who also finished sixth in silver interpretive in B.C. this year, her best finish.