Steve King nodding along with charity knock-off

Steve King is getting a chuckle out of his bobblehead doll.



Steve King is getting a chuckle out of his bobblehead doll.

“It’s getting a lot of laughs. That’s what’s important,” said King, the Penticton triathlon announcer for Subaru Ironman Canada, which changed to Challenge Penticton and Ultraman Canada. “My wife can slap me around now without getting too concerned.”

The bobblehead doll is the brainchild of Steve Brown, race director for Ultraman Canada, and Challenge Penticton’s Bruce Schoenne. Brown said he and Schoenne were sitting around talking about things they could do to raise money for charities. Then the bobblehead idea was thrown in.

“What would you put on it?” said Brown, adding that’s when King’s name came up.

“I was blown away at first when they asked if I’d be willing to make an image and I couldn’t stop laughing,” said King. “I honestly thought it was a joke.”

Realizing they were serious and learning that part of the funds will go to support charities supported by the races where the bobblehead will be sold made King keen on it.

“I was flabbergasted,” said King, who was honoured to be given the first one. “My wife thinks it looks like me and that’s a little scary. This plastic thing looking at you nodding away.”

The doll is wearing a Challenge Penticton shirt, which King said is nice because he wants to promote the event. Asked if he feels like a celebrity, King laughed and said “maybe infamous.”

Brown said the bobblehead has become popular and guesses between 75 and 100 have been sold. During the awards ceremony for Ultraman Canada on Tuesday evening, Brown said several people had King sign their dolls.

“People love them,” said Brown, adding they have had people request to not sell them all before Challenge Penticton on Aug. 25.

King said the motorcycle driver for Ultraman Canada had the bobble head on the back of the bike as he passed the athletes.

“I was saying if it nods forward, it means you are looking good,” said King, whose doll is available for purchase at Peach City Runners and Adventure Sports.

“If it’s nodding side to side, it means you are having a rough time right now.”