Summerland bonspiel has three winners

Summerland Curling Club results includes men's bonspiel winners

Tip of the week

To speed up the game, after the end is over, the first thrower should be ready in the hack. Let the other team members organize the stones. Also during the end, when it is your turn to throw your stone be ready in the hack, right after your opponent has thrown theirs.

Senior Men’s bonspiel

The Summerland curling club hosted the senior men’s bonspiel Nov. 17-19 with 22 teams participating. There were seven from Kelowna and Penticton, six from Summerland and one each from Osoyoos and Oliver.


The red block winners are

Terry Lewis from Kelowna

Bert Troyer from Penticton

Hector Cartier from Summerland


Green block winners are

Norm Tiltman from Kelowna

Larry Kowal from Penticton

Stan Green from Summerland


Blue Block winners are

Barry Lemay from Kelowna

Dale Abrey from Osoyoos 

Doug Steinke from Summerland


Monday   men  7:00 p.m.  Nov 17, 2014

Stan Green defeated Rick Drewnisz

Dale Abrey  defeated Gary Raymond

Jared St. John defeated Brian Hodgson

Steve Clement defeated Ken Rae


Tuesday mixed   9:30  a.m.  Nov 18, 2014

Cancelled due to senior men’s bonspiel


Tuesday  Ladies    7:00 p.m  Nov 18, 2014

Judy Beck defeated    Shirley McPhedran

Wendi Archer defeated Lil Blashko

Diana Leitch defeated Gail Ostaficiuk

Jodie Brennan  defeated Betty Raymond


Wednesday Men Nov 19,   7:00 pm    2014

Rick Drewnisz defeated Dave Gartrell

Doug Campbell defeated Ken Rae

Louie Costa defeated Gary Raymond

Gary Wingerak defeated   Blake Lynch-Staunton


Thursday  Ladies  Nov 20, 9:30 a.m.  2014

Betty Raymond defeated    RoseMarie Fenrich

Arlene Moser defeated  Ev Gillespie



Thursday Open  Nov 20, 6:30 p.m.  2014

Dale Abrey defeated Cliff Rose

Russ Lemke defeated Ken Rae

Clem Beaulac defeated Gary Raymond

John Egyed tied Kevin Taylor



John McKay defeated Eric Johnson

Glen Brennan defeated Tony Blashko


Friday mix 6:30 p.m. Nov 21,   2014

Ian Rogers defeated Steve Callaghan

Allen Tower defeated  Sharon Boyles

Tracy Waddington  defeated Louie Costa

Cliff Rose defeated Armand Houle


Friday mix 8:30 p.m. Nov 21,   2014

Dave Hood tied Brian Budzinski

John Fitzgerald defeated Linda Whittome

Cliff Last defeated Val Utigard