Summerland curling results

Summerland curling results

Curlers in Summerland met during league action over the past week

Summerland Curling Club

Results Nov. 13 to 17

Monday morning senior men: Stan Green defeated Jim Hancharyk, Dale Abrey defeated Dave Gartrell, Paul Martin defeated Paul Cowen, Warren parker defeated Dennis Grant.

Monday evening men: Don Lawrence defeated Ken Rae, Dale Abrey defeated Gary Wingerak, Rob Robinson defeated Bruce Dacre, Dean Jones defeated Art Lappalainen.

Tuesday morning mixed: Hector Cartier defeated Horst Sandkuhler, Marilyn Cahoon tied Jerry Lidin, Bill Penman defeated Jules Dore, John Nicolson defeated Barb Ezart.

Tuesday evening ladies: Judy Beck defeated Gail Ostaficiuk, Betty Raymond defeated Jackie Clement, Diana Leitch tied Tammy Brennan, Debbie Jones tied Trica Mayea, Jodie Brennan defeated Kathy Hogman.

Wednesday morning senior men: Jim Hancharyk defeated Paul Martin, Stan Green defeated Paul Cowen, Dale Abrey defeated Warren Parker, Dave Gartrell defeated Dennis Grant.

Wednesday evening men: Stan Green defeated Gary Raymond, John Gregg defeated Tony Costa, Gary Wingerak defeated Ken Rae, Dale Abrey defeated Steve Favel, Glen Brennan defeated John Fitzgerald.

Thursday morning ladies: Diana Leitch defeated Barb Ezart, Gail Ostaficiuk defeated Virginia Cundliffe, Diane Krancenblum defeated RoseMarie Fenrich, Ev Gillespie defeated Marilyn Cahoon.

Thursday evening open: Steve Favel defeated John McKay, Dean Jones defeated Glen Brennan, Jeff Goodis defeated John Egyed, Dale Abrey defeated Russ Lemke, Tony Blashko defeated Gary Raymond.

Friday evening mixed: Judy Rowe defeated Kyle Longbothham, Terri Leslie tied Brent Stade, Gavin Griffiths defeated Cliff Last, Candace Pilling defeated Gerry Denis.

Friday late evening: Steve Callaghan defeated Dan Laktin, Al Tower defeated Steve Penich, John Fitzgerald defeated Tracy Cahoon, Cliff Rose defeated Dave Hood.

Upcoming: Summerland Curling Club will have 18 forthe men’s bonspiel Nov 24 to 25. Come watch and support the teams.

Tip of the week: To speed up the game, after the end is over, the first thrower should be ready in the hack. Let the other team members organize the stones. Also during the end, when it is your turn to throw your stone be ready in the hack, right after your opponent has thrown theirs.