Summerland product joins Cougars

Christa Pfeninger loves Madison Wilms and said she's a hard worker

Christa Pfeninger loves Madison Wilms.

Pfeninger, coach of the South Mountain Community College Cougars in Phoenix, AZ, said the Summerland product is a great kid.

“Absolutely the hardest worker on the team,” said Pfeninger, who added that Wilms is being made into a catcher.

Originally a first basemen and pitcher, Wilms is doing well learning her new position.

Pfeninger, who was a catcher in college, said there is a high learning curve and Wilms is picking up the position quicker than others.

“She’s the total package,” said Pfeninger. “She has incredible work ethic. I look forward to what she can do.”

Part of the reason for the switch is because the Cougars already have strong players in the positions Wilms played. Pfeninger wants to keep Wilms’ bat in the lineup as she is effective at the plate.

“She has a great arm to be a catcher and has what it takes to be a great catcher,” said Pfeninger, adding that Wilms will get plenty of playing time.

Wilms was originally supposed to play for Mesa Community College, but that didn’t work out so Wilms made the change with the help of her former coac Jeff Korven.