Three-sport athlete earns prestigious award

Possessing the same qualities as Robyn Muir helped Kristine Levesque be recognized with Pen High’s highest athletic honour.

Kristine Levesque is the 2011 recipient of the Robyn Muir award presented by Evelyn Muir

Kristine Levesque is the 2011 recipient of the Robyn Muir award presented by Evelyn Muir

Possessing the same qualities as Robyn Muir helped Kristine Levesque be recognized with Pen High’s highest athletic honour.

Levesque, who played badminton, soccer and was on the Lakers cross-country running team was recognized because she goes hard in everything she does and always gives her best. The recipient of the award is described as being an inspiration to both athlete and coaches.  The person also exhibits this inspiration both off the playing field as well as on.

“I was quite shocked when my name was called,” said Levesque. “Very honoured. It was kind of funny I got the first one (award of the evening) and the last one of the night.”

For Levesque to be honoured like that is incredible to her.

“I couldn’t believe it,” said Levesque, who will attend the University of Saskatchewan to earn a Bachelor of Science degree and become a veterinarian. “I was just ecstatic. Had a smile from ear to ear.”

It was a busy Grade 12 year for Levesque, who went from one sport to the next while trying to get her schoolwork done. She said doing those things is where all the memories come from for the year and how you make new friends and connections with others.

While soccer is her sport of choice, Levesque’s favourite memory from the year is going to provincials with the cross-country team.

“We just had a great group, a lot of great times,” she said. “It was an overall great experience.”

The former Pinnacles player enjoyed getting involved with school athletics because of what could be accomplished with other people. Levesque also received awards in badminton and is the top female athlete for Grade 12.

Here are the other award recipients: Senior boys badminton — Hugo Beaumier-Martin, Grade 9 girls basketball —Hayden Craig, Grade 9 boys basketball — Nakai Penny, Junior girls basketball — Adrienne Penner, Junior boys basketball — Ty Moorman, Jordan Farmer, Senior girls basketball — Samantha McAdam, Senior boys basketball — Joel Moorman, Junior girls cross country — Courtney Milligan, Junior boys cross country — Cameron Lynka, Senior girls cross country — Vicky Cumming, Senior boys cross country ‑ Bernard Bredenkamp , Junior girls field hockey — Alexandria Pearson, Aspen Dirk, Senior girls field hockey — Lisa Johnson, Golf — Kurtis Fontinha, Senior girls rugby — Katie Wolanski, Junior boys rugby — Wesley Van Camp, Senior boys rugby — Jacob Plant, Senior girls soccer — Kristine Levesque, Senior girls tennis — Kaitlyn Bettauer, Senior boys tennis — Bernard Bredenkamp, Senior girls track and field — Lorreine Stanley, Senior boys track and field — Lucas Hooper, Grade 9 boys volleyball — Blair Anderson, Grade 9 girls volleyball — Hayden Craig, Junior girls volleyball — Steffani Caron, Junior boys volleyball — Wesley Van Camp, Garrett Wiltse, Senior girls volleyball — Jamie Fleet, Senior boys volleyball — Ethan McCluskey, Wrestling — Royden Millar.

Major Awards

Lakers Inspirational Award – These awards are given to grade 9 to 11 athletes who demonstrate sportsmanship, motivation, and leadership towards others both on and off the “playing field”, and who also volunteers their time to assist teammates, coaches and other athletes: Grade 9 female —  Deanna Bravo, Annaka Ramsay, Grade 9 Male — Joel Fox-Zornes, Grade 10 female — Kaitlin Kennedy, Kiah Wheeler, Adrienne Penner, Grade 10 male — Kyle Gratton, Grade 11 female — Carissa Kocsis, Brianne Hrynyk, Grade 11 male — Layne Richardson.

Top Grade Athletes – These awards are given to athletes who are considered to be the top overall for their grade and are often multi-sport athletes who achieve high levels at all their chosen sport(s).

Grade 9 female athlete — Hayden Craig, Abigail McCluskey, Kaylie Loewen, Grade 9 male athlete — Jordan Kober, Nakai Penny, Matthew Stadnyk. Grade 10 female athlete — Courtney Milligan, Janna Clarke, Steffani Caron, Grade 10 male athlete — Wesley Van Camp, Keenan Findlay, Parker Berry. Grade 11 female athlete — Adra Greig, Gabrielle Levesque, Grade 11 male athlete — Zakary Konanz, Ethan McCluskey. Grade 12 female athlete — Kristine Levesque, Grade 12 male athlete —Bernard Bredenkamp.

Special Awards

Kevin Wager Award – Presented to a gr. 9, 10 or 11 athlete that is coachable, displays a positive attitude to his/her teammates, and shows passion and dedication to their sport. The winners are Zakary Konanz and Chantel Beierle.

Stiopu Award – Given to an athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, ability and leadership towards other, but more specifically exhibits dedication to improve himself/herself and his/her skills and an athlete. The winner is Royden Millar

Ewart Award – Given to an athlete who demonstrates sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication on behalf of others. The winners are Bryan Lynka and Jamie Fleet.