Top Lakers named from athletics banquet

Pen High puts the spotlight on its top athletes from 2013-14

PEN HIGH LAKER athletes proudly display the hardware they were given during the school’s athletics banquet. Teesha Jung and Jessie Garcha shared the Ewart Award.

PEN HIGH LAKER athletes proudly display the hardware they were given during the school’s athletics banquet. Teesha Jung and Jessie Garcha shared the Ewart Award.

After a season of sweat, a few tears and some blood wiped aside, Pen High recognized the efforts of its top Lakers athletes.

Tom Edis received the Kevin Wager Award presented to the Grade 9, 10 or 11 athlete who is coachable, displays a positive attitude to his/her teammates and shows passion and dedication to their sport. Nakai Penny, Kaylie Loewen and Emily Clarke shared the Stiopu Award given to athletes who demonstrates sportsmanship, ability and leadership towards others, but more specifically, exhibits dedication to improve as an athlete. Jesse Garcha and Teesha Jung received the Ewart Award for demonstrating sportsmanship, leadership, and dedication on behalf of others. Cael Warner received the Robyn Muir Award as an athlete who is an inspiration to both athlete and coaches off and on the playing field.

Grade 10 top female athletes are Anika Holowaty and Sydney Foster, missing from photo.

Grade 9 top male athletes are Jacob Stokker and Nicolas Everton below.










Anje Grakul, a Grade 11 student received the Lakers Inspirational Award given to the athlete who demonstrate sportsmanship, motivation and leadership towards others both on and off the playing field and volunteers their time to assist teammates, coaches and other athletes. Grade 10 recipients of the Lakers Inspirational Award are Franziska Jakob, Bryce MacKay, Honor Hollman and Matthew Young. In Grade 9 it went to Jean Grakul, Katie Huston, Brenna Sunderman and Olivia Tom.

Also earning recognition were the top athletes in their grade who often compete in multiple sports and achieve high levels in their chosen sport(s). In Grade 9, the winners were Lyndzie Caron, Cali Anderson, Nicolas Everton and Jacob Stokker; Grade 10: Sydney Foster, Anika Holowaty and Cameron Gunning; Grade 11: Tessa Paakspuu-Lannon, Natasha Reimer and Richard Xiang; Grade 12: Ana Moroziuk, Cor Dewaal and Logan Mend.

Lakers athletic medals — These are handed out to athletes in recognition of their contributions and participation towards sports at Pen-High.  The medals are awarded based on a point system involving the number of teams and sports an athlete participates on.

Bronze medal recipients:

Austin Anderson Pamal Aujia Dante Boileau

Emma Brown Alena Carlile Olivia Carolan

Jaimy Coates Jack Cumming Carleigh Dean

Madeline Everton Sydney Foster Anton Grabreck

Anje Grakul AnnaJo Grandbois Keaton Hauschild

Mitchell Head Haley Hewer Joshua Holland

Anika Holowaty Sterling King Sarah Kirschmann

Annmarie Lang-Hodge Kieran Loewen Cam MacArthur

Emily Mackay Brooke McLaughlin Nathan Milligan

Emma Morgan Felix Motard Simon Paisley

Terrance Paisley Kyler Philip Solana Purdy

Caroline Rahkola Brady Roguski Aaron Ryan

Kevin Saunders Noah Spence Ali Vandermey

Warkentin, Sabrina

Silver medal recipients:

Jamie Atkins Emily Clarke Hayden Craig

John Crofts Cor Dewaal Jessie Garcha

Elena Greig Cam Gunning Jo Gunning

Kyle Hooper Tanner Johnson Alyssa Kroeker

Hanna Lalonde Tessa Lannon-Paakspuu Phong Lee

Abi McCluskey Logan Mend Ana Moroziuk

Annie Plant Natasha Reimer

Gold medal recipients:

Richard Xiang