UPDATE – Britain’s Ross Welton wins Ultra520K Canada

Ross Welton becomes to first triathlete from Britain to win the Ultra520K Canada

Arms around each other

Arms around each other

UPDATE – Ross Welton became the first British triathlete to win the Ultra520K Canada when he crossed the finish line in Summerland Monday with Canada’s Brad Sawa in eight hours, 24 minutes and 17 seconds.

That run gave Welton a final total of 24:57:45 for the three days. Sawa’s total time was 26:47:08.

“It’s amazing,” said Welton of his victory. “I came here last year and I came here to win last year and I had a disaster from start to finish. The run took me 11 hours, 57 minutes. I came here this year just to have some fun and get back with the people who helped me last year and support the race. I love the area. To come and win it without expecting to is amazing. It’s great fun.”

Welton said the change in approach helped him relax and have fun. He also said having a 45-minute lead to start the run was an advantage.

“I knew i didn’t have to run hard today. It doesn’t make it any easier. I went out fairly easy but you still slow down because the hills , the down hills coming back into Summerland are just mean,” said Welton. “The pressure is off, you can just enjoy it.”

When asked about coming into the finish line at the same with Sawa, something that has never happened before with the first two runners in the history of the race, Welton said it wasn’t planned.

“As we started the run, we started off at the same pace and that was it,” he said. “All day. There was not a second where we weren’t together. I don’t know brad. I never met him before these last few days.”

Walton joked saying at the finish line they might do a Mr. and Mrs. to see how much they know each other.

“He’s a great guy,” said Welton.

Saw said it was overwhelming for him to finish second overall.

“I certainly didn’t expect that coming in here,” he said. “Based on my training I didn’t think I was capable of running the run I had today. Running with Ross, he’s a true champion, a great guy. I wear he just gave me a lot of confidence out there. It was such a pleasure to run with him.”

See final coverage of the triathlon in Wednesday’s newspaper and online.



Ross Welton of the United Kingdom leads the pack after two days of Ultra520K Canada action. Welton headed into today in first with a time of 16 hours, 33 minutes and 28 seconds. Welton completed the 275.8 kilometre bike distance in 8:50:06. On Day one, Welton completed the 10-km swim in 2:58:59, the 149.8 km bike ride in 4:44:23 for a first day total of 7:43:22, good for first.

Trailing Welton is Canada’s Chad Bentley in 17:38:09. Bentley was also second after the first day with a total time of 8:08:50. Sitting in third is Canada’s Brad Sawa in 18:22:51.

Penticton’s Lisa Fitzgerald heads into today in eighth with a total time of 17:02:46. Fitzgerald completed the 275.8-km bike ride in 10:58:15. On day one, it took her 9:49:09 to complete the 10-km swim and 149.8-km bike ride.

Canadian George Thucydides didn’t finish the bike ride on the first day.

More on this story to come.