Ben Brar

Ben Brar is a rookie with the Penticton Vees and is committed to play college hockey with Denver University

  • Feb. 9, 2016 3:00 p.m.
Ben Brar

Ben Brar

1. Which minor hockey coach made the biggest impact on you and why? Brad Bowen. He taught me the importance of little details.

2.What is your favourite hockey memory? Winning the Bauer Invite in Chicago last year.

3. What age did you start playing hockey? I started playing at age 5.

4.Who is your favourite hockey player and why? Steve Stamkos. He has the ability to be a threat whenever he is on the ice.

5. What are some things you like doing in your spare time? Swim, hangout with friends.

6. Along with hockey, what other sports have you played that you enjoy? Basketballl, soccer and baseball.

7. What do you consider your best hockey skill? My hockey IQ.

8. Why do you wear the number that you do? I’ve just always worn it since the beginning.

9. What are your superstitions if you have any? None.

10. Who has the best sense of humour on the team? Why? Mitch Brooks. He  is just a hoot.