Diabetes Association looking to fill their Clothesline

The Canadian Diabetes Association is asking for support for their fundraising project, Clothesline

The Canadian Diabetes Association's project

The Canadian Diabetes Association's project

Wondering what to do with older clothes and other clutter that is filling up the dark recesses of your storage space?

The Canadian Diabetes Association is asking you to donate reusable clothing and household items to their Clothesline program to help support their programs for people living with diabetes.

The CDA says diabetes has reached epidemic proportions in Canada, with an estimated 11 million people living with diabetes or prediabetes. Diabetes increases a person’s risk for serious complications such as heart attack, stroke, kidney failure leading to dialysis, and blindness.

“It is important to us that we not only raise funds for diabetes but that we do so in a way that makes a positive difference to the environment by diverting items from our landfills,” says Ed Laverock, operations manager for Penticton Clothesline.

Until July 31, residents can also participate in the current Clothesline contest “Where will your donation take you?” for a chance to win a $5,000 travel voucher that can be used anywhere around the world or one of 10 $500 VISA gift cards when you donate your reusable clothing. Visit diabetes.ca/pickitup for contest details.

Proceeds raised from Clothesline help the CDA send more than 2,400 children and youth with type 1 diabetes to the CDA’s D-Camps — summer and family camps offered across Canada where kids meet and are inspired by each other to manage their diabetes well in a medically supervised setting.

Funds raised through Clothesline also helped fund $130 million over the last 40 years in world-leading Canadian research that has contributed to the development of new treatments and devices, ways to prevent type 2 diabetes and search for a cure.

Donors can schedule a free pickup at their front door by calling toll-free 1-800-505-5525 or by visiting diabetes.ca/clothesline. Penticton residents can also visit diabetes.ca/dropbox to find the location of the nearest clothing donation box.