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Did you know the iconic Penticton sign is more than 80 years old?

The massive sign atop Munson Mountain was built in 1937 to ‘put Penticton on the map’
The iconic Penticton sign on Munson Mountain has been around since 1937. (Shaun Kennedy/Moments Under Frame)

The giant ‘Penticton’ sign on Munson Mountain is one of the city’s defining landmarks, but did you know how it came to be?

Chances are it’s been around longer than you.

The large silica and concrete letters spelling out the word Penticton were constructed in 1937 to “put Penticton on the map,” according to the B.C. Register of Historic Places. Penticton was incorporated as a district municipality on December 31, 1908.

Often compared to the Hollywood sign, the 83-year-old Penticton sign is actually bigger than its Californian counterpart. The sign measures 54.33 feet high, while the Hollywood sign is 45 feet high.

The Hollywood sign was built first, however. The American landmark overlooking Hollywood, Los Angeles, California was built in 1923.

In 2017, the sign’s 80th year of existence, Real estate firm Coldwell Banker Okanagan Realty revamped the Penticton sign with a new paint job.

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Check out an overhead video of the Penticton sign and Munson Mountain below:

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