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Kootnekoff hosts improvement seminars

Jon-Lee Kootnekoff is bringing his style of self-improvement and inspiration to a series of seminars

Jon-Lee Kootnekoff is bringing his style of self-improvement and inspiration to a series of seminars taking place April 10 to 12 at the Penticton Lakeside Resort.

Kootnekoff said his seminars present a leading-edge in personal and professional development in a relaxed atmosphere for accelerated learning.

Kootnekoff, 82, draws on the past experiences of his life to communicate through wisdom, intuition, compassion and humour on how people, from young children to elderly seniors, how to improve their lives. His seminars cover specific topics such as staying healthy and happy, mental and spiritual fitness, teaching your brain how to think, goal-setting and achievement, and stress management in life and the workplace.

Kootnekoff has led a colourful life, marked by great success as a basketball player and coach, along with being a teacher and coach at all levels from elementary school to university over the past 45 years.

As a player, Kootnekoff played on the Canadian Olympic basketball team in 1960, and was a member of the Seattle University squad, led by NBA Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor, which played in the 1958 NCAA final in Lousville, Kentucky.

“Sports has been a big part of my life as it taught me about how to prepare for the games of life, setting goals as an athlete and visualization of achieving those goals,” said Kootnekoff.

From building self-esteem to being a parent, teacher and coach, Kootnekoff says his life experiences and what they taught him are a way of giving back to help others.

“I want to help people look at their life in a different way than perhaps they do, see things they feel are missing, learn how to evaluate yourself and move forward,” he said.

“In school, we teach kids what to think, but not how to think. How to be polite but not how to be honest.”

For more information about the Kootnekoff seminars, visit his website

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