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PHOTOS: Pentictonites come together to rehabilitate neglected dragons

The mythical beasts, saved from a ‘dragon graveyard’, are quickly becoming a local landmark

A group of local Penticton business owners have come together to provide a new home and a rejuvenated look for a pair of neglected dragons.

After being found in a “dragon graveyard,” the mythical creatures now have a good, permanent home atop Skytouch Flooring on Okanagan Avenue East — where Skytouch owner Ben Eddison is happy to report they are more content than ever.

Eddison, Rade “Rasha” Durdev of Rasha Tattoo, and Doug Lawrence of Penticton Collision collaborated to refurbish the life-like ceramic models after Eddison “rescued” them from what he called a “dragon graveyard” in Armstrong, B.C.

Once Eddison spotted the dragons, he immediately thought they deserved some love and attention. Seeing as a dragon is the logo for his flooring business, the fit seemed obvious.

A dragon may seem like an unlikely logo for a flooring company, but in this case style takes precedent over logic. “Dragons are just cool,” said Eddison when asked the meaning behind his company’s emblem.

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Eddison brought the dragons back to Penticton in worse-for-wear condition, their wings and horns had been broken off and they were in dire need of a new coat of paint.

Local tattoo artist Rade “Rasha” Durdev was more than happy to use his artistic skills to give the dragons a much needed make-over.

Rade "Rasha" Durdev, owner of Rasha Tattoo gave Penticton's new dragons a make-over using airbrush paint (Rasha Tattoo / Facebook).

While Doug Lawrence of Penticton Collision was able to use his repair skills to re-attach the wings and horns, after the team used a crane to put the dragons in their rightful home — the sky.

The dragons had to be lifted onto the roof of Skytouch Flooring using a crane (Rasha Tattoo/Facebook photo)

“We rehabilitated these dragons,” said Eddison. “We got them all refurbished and brought them back to life.”

So far, the reaction to the dragons has been very positive, said Eddison. He mentioned that many customers and even some passerby have commented that they’ve gotten a kick from the pair of mythological beasts.

“We’re just trying to create a little bit of a landmark and have some fun with it,” said Eddison.

Check out a video of the dragons blowing smoke below:

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