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PHOTOS: Valentine’s Day goat hugs spread love for North Okanagan seniors

The Hug a Goat event, hosted by the Animal Auxiliary Thrift Store, brought smiles to everyone’s face

There was a lot of ba-ba-baaaaeautiful affection in the air on Valentine’s Day.

Instead of the love coming from ones partner, three cute-as-a-button baby goats were on hand to give out warm and tender hugs to visitors.

Called Hug a Goat, and hosted by the Animal Auxiliary Thrift Store, for a donation individuals could step into the mini pen and take pictures and pet Peanut, Scooby Dooby and Kristie.

The event was to raise funds for the Thrift Store’s senior hamper program, which delivers food to seniors on the last Thursday of every month. Gena Barzan, who is the director of the auxiliary, also mentioned that if there was leftover money from the hampers, then it would go towards cat and dog food, which the store gives out to those in need.

The store was started by the Horse Protection Society of BC, which helps many organizations throughout the Okanagan. The auxiliary supports the animal disaster team, helps locals with vet bills, along with the senior hamper program.

Barzan and her team moved into the new thrift store space late last year, after previously residing in a smaller building for the last five years. The new spot, much larger, garners opportunity for the store to do fun events, like Hug a Goat.

For more information on the Thrift Store, and if you would like to get involved, visit their Facebook page at TheAnimalAuxiliaryThriftStore.

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