Terry Fox run has strong showing

The ribbon attached to Linda Elliott’s sweater simply read, “I’m running for mom.”

Bill Palmer

Bill Palmer

The ribbon attached to Linda Elliott’s sweater simply read, “I’m running for mom.”

Like so many other of the 240 participants, at the 34th annual Terry Fox Run, the young mother of two was walking in memory of a family member who lost a battle with cancer.

“My mom actually passed away three years ago from breast cancer and this is a way to remember and honour her and hopefully do something that will one day prevent other people from going through the same thing,” she said. “It’s something I also want my children to understand about what Terry Fox did and what he stands for.”

Charlie Usher and his two young sons, Brian and James, were taking part in their first event which began at the S.S. Sicamous with several  routes for those taking part.

“We’re here to get some exercise and to help because this is something that affects everyone and we need to find a cure,” said Charlie.

Lisa Fitzgerald, who along with husband Brent, both members of the Penticton JCI’s, took over the task of organizing the event for the first time this year.

It was fantastic,” said Lisa about the run which raised $7,600. “I got really good feedback from a lot of people. We had a fabulous turnout, the weather was perfect and I couldn’t be happier.

“There was just a fabulous amount of energy here. Brent and myself, we have a lot of energy and we’re not battling cancer so we have tonnes of enthusiasm to put into it.”

Lisa added she had concerns that because school was not in session there might have been a drop in the number of participants, however, her fears were not realized.

Many public schools in the city have their own Terry Fox runs, however, it is not known if or when those will take place.

In Summerland, organizers Mike and Heather Cooke also reported a very upbeat and successful run with 194 participants and 40 volunteers. That event raised just over $7,000, one of the strongest showings ever.  Anyone who did not receive a participant’s ribbon from the Penticton Terry Fox Run can contact Lisa at lisafitz08@hotmail.com or call 250-460-2656.