Trailblazing women from the 1930s take the ultimate selfie in Oliver

Wearing rattlesnake-proof boots, the women stand atop McIntyre Bluff

Unidentified women stand on McIntyre Bluff near Vaseux Lake in Oliver, with Okanagan River below them, circa 1930s. (photo courtesty of Doug Cox collection/Okanagan Archives Trust Society and Old BC: The Way it Was Facebook page)

Five trailblazing women from the 1930s are all smiles for the camera as they brave unimaginable heights, standing atop a McIntyre Bluff, near Vaseux Lake in Oliver.

Okanagan River is below them as they stand arm and arm at dizzying heights on the cliff top of Oliver’s landmark mountain.

The picture was shared by former Summerland resident Patrick Selby from his ‘Old BC: The Way It Was’ Facebook page. The Old BC Facebook page shares unique pictures from as far back at the 1880s all the way to the 1980s, from towns and cities all over B.C.

One person commented on Facebook that the women are wearing trousers, rare for that time period.

“They were real trail blazers,” remarked the person.

Others commented that the height of that cliff has a dizzying affect.

Some Oliver residents pointed out that the women are smartly wearing boots. The area is a particular favourite spot for rattlesnakes, especially in the spring and summer when they like to warm themselves on the rocks.

The Western rattlesnake is a federally protected species that used to be much more common in the 1930s.

McIntyre Bluff trail is still a very popular and fairly easy hike. Although, to get to that point where the women are isn’t as easy, said one resident.

“There is parking and trail access, starting at Covert Farms. The trail takes you up a gradual, 300m rise passing by Rattlesnake Lake as you ascend to the bluff. You have an excellent view of Oliver to the south, and Okanagan Falls once you arrive at the top,” wrote one person on TripAdvisor.

It’s about a three hour round trip.

According to Explore Oliver, McIntyre Bluff is the landmark mountain face you see along the highway while driving past Vaseux Lake. The mountain juts out and looks like a man’s face is carved into the side of it.

A view of the landmark rock face in Oliver, McIntyre Bluff which can seen from the highway and Eastside Rd. (Mack M photo)

A view of the landmark rock face in Oliver, McIntyre Bluff which can seen from the highway and Eastside Rd. (Mack M photo)

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