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VIDEO: Creative kids in Keremeos surf the Similkameen River

Using just some straps and planks, these kids turned the river into a surfers paradise
The iconic Red Bridge in Keremeos was turned into a surfers paradise by these two who were featured in a video posted to the Keremeos, BC Facebook page July 7, 2021. (Keremeos, BC/Facebook)

A pair of kids in Keremeos figured out how to surf the Similkameen River by tying straps to Keremeos’ iconic Red Bridge and riding what appears to be plywood boards in the river current.

The video posted to the Keremeos, BC community Facebook page received over 100 likes in less than 24 hour after it was posted July 7.

The video shows the “Similkameen River stays a big entertainer for adventurous kids who think out of the box,” says the Facebook post.

Keremeos’ iconic Red Bridge was originally used as a train bridge to cross the Similkameen River by Northern Railway. The line ran from Oroville, WA to Keremeos.

When the train stopped running the bridge was abandoned and was later converted into a one-lane road bridge in 1961.

Check out the video of the kids surfing beneath bridge below:

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