Let your freak flag fly at Studio 54 night at Penticton’s Craft Corner Kitchen

Let your freak flag fly at Studio 54 night at Penticton’s Craft Corner Kitchen

Just Jerri and Nadine from Forbidden Fruit are bringing the 70s back for one night only

Time to let your freak flag fly and join Just Jerri and Nadine from Forbidden Fruit for a reliving of Studio 54.

The talented duo are hosting an evening of disco nostalgia at the Craft Corner Kitchen on Nov. 16. Jerri Rouw lends her lurid vocals to a set-list of club music from the 70s while Nadine Barrett will wow the crowd with her jive moves.

“My inspiration for the music came from Studio 54 on Netflix and started looking into popular songs that actually played at that club back in its prime,” said Rouw, who said she tried to stick with more upbeat numbers rather than slow songs. “Every song is a dance song, you’re not going to want to be sitting. It’s very go-go.”

Because Rouw has a lower vocal range, she said she was easily able to lend her voice to a number of the classic songs by singers like Aretha Franklin and Peggy Lee. She said she is excited to be in the spotlight again and hopes people will be mesmerized by her and Barrett’s talents and hard work.

“This is a show we’ve both wanted to do on both of our ends. She’s done a lot of disco events in the past and I’ve done quite a few events like that in the community that I’ve really enjoyed,” said Barrett. “I’ll be doing as much as I can, sort of mingling with the crowd with my dancing.”

For Barrett, she is excited to continue developing her freestyle abilities through her partially-choreographed show. She said she usually has an idea in mind of the moves she’ll do throughout each song, but she doesn’t choreograph her set from start to finish in order to allow for her creativity to take over.

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Barrett will be leading a dance lesson for attendees who need a refresher on The Hustle during the show’s intermission. This skill will come in handy after the show ends and the evening turns into an all-out dance party.

“People always seem to have a fun time during the dance lesson, it gets them up and moving. And then I see them using those dance moves later in the night,” said Barrett. “The dance lesson is for all abilities so I try to make it as welcoming as I can.”

Barrett and Rouw said they want this show to be inclusive and that it’s about embracing yourself in your true form, regardless of sexuality, gender, style, dance moves or anything else. Attendees are encourage to wear 70s themed disco costumes, and there will be a prize for Best Dressed.

“What I liked about Studio 54 is it was inclusive to all kinds of people, especially back in the day with trans people and gay people, so we wanted to bring back those kinds of vibes especially,” said Barrett. “It was a place for sexuality and fashion and all of those vibes put together. It’s not about being judgmental.”

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Barrett and Rouw have spent over a month organizing this show, and are excited to once again perform at the Craft Corner Kitchen. Both said the venue is great because of the communal seating, the open layout and the friendly staff. Rouw added that there will be a special guest M.C. who will also be performing a song, and members of the Army of Sass dance troupe will also be helping Barrett wow the crowd.

“We’re excited to host these ladies again. We have our hook for the aerial hoop ready to go,” said Jonathan Cote, owner of Craft Corner. “I love to help the performing arts and the arts scene here in town any way I can to help bring them to the forefront.”

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Doors open at 7 p.m. but tables can be reserved in advance for those who want to take advantage of the $15 burger and beer special before the show starts at 8 p.m. The dance party will follow after at 9:30 p.m. and tickets are available on Eventbrite for $25 each.

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