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Letter: This exact modular home in Penticton is now worth $295,000

Letter writer reminisces of the 60s when everyone had a chance of owning a home
This modular home in Penticton was for sale for $7,450 in the 60s. Now it’s worth $295,000 with a whole lot more taxes attached to that. (Submitted by letter writer R.B. Manery)

Dear editor:

Back in the 50s and 60s, all of us had a real chance to own a home.

This exact modular home today is $295,000. (It was just $7,450 in the 50s). A total of 72 per cent of young people today can not afford owning a home.

Really something wrong with that picture.

Note: In the late 50s and 60s, the average wage was $720 per month.

Everyone could survive on that wage…. Why? Because the cost of goods were low, taxes on goods purchased was less that 2% and believe it or not, people had more disposable income than they have today.

Life was simple, friends were everywhere, neighbours knew neighbours and most important people communicated one on one.

Sure don’t see that today.

Think about it…. Can you name just three neighbours on your block. How often do you say good morning to those living in your neighbourhood?

R.B. Manery