Curator Kids take survivor 101

Penticton Museum and Archives offers fun program called Curator Kid for the spring.

Eden Bramford explores the Penticton museum during the last Curator Kid program called H2O.

Eden Bramford explores the Penticton museum during the last Curator Kid program called H2O.

Whether you think you have the next Indiana Jones, David Suzuki or a child looking for something fun to do on Saturdays, Curator Kid just might be the perfect match.

“The exhibit we have in the museum now is called Wild At Heart and it is about the history of conservation in the South Okanagan, and so this kids program is linked to that, but it is more like Survivorman style,” said Penticton Museum and Archives curator Peter Ord.  “The participants will get to know about the natural heritage of the area and ways to survive in the South Okanagan.”

Curator Kid is an interactive drop-in kids program that takes place on Saturdays for a six to eight-week period. The 2012 spring program is called Wild at Heart; Survival in the Okanagan and is for kids between seven and 11 years old. It takes place from 1 to 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays from May 5 to June 9 and the cost is $50.

Ord said participants will take a trip to the Skaha Bluffs to get to know the land, plants, geology and learn how to use a GPS to do some orienteering. The kids will learn how to perform wilderness first aid tricks, recognize edible plants and go on a trip to Oliver to learn how to hunt and gather with a bow and arrow. The Curator Kid spring program purposely ties into the conservation exhibit currently on show at the museum.

“Having youth visit the museum is one of our biggest priorities because of the education and engagement factors. It gives them a chance also to have their families join in,” said Ord. “It is about learning about their backyard, what it has to offer and all the amazing things they can do in the South Okanagan.”

Ord said the summer months will also include extensive programs and tours incorporating the natural history theme.