Get lost in tradition in Kotor

Black mountains, blue sea, green alpine meadows, awe-inspiring canyons, idyllic lakes.

The town of Kotor is lined by the Adriatic Sea

The town of Kotor is lined by the Adriatic Sea

Black mountains, blue sea, green alpine meadows, awe-inspiring canyons, idyllic lakes.

A universe in a nutshell — far apart from the beaten tourist tracks in Montenegro in the Mediterranean. Holiday at the seaside with lovely beaches, hidden coves, fascinating small historical coastal towns with modern flair.

You may choose from cosy quarters in a hospitable private home to international five-star hotels with the complete wellness program. The gastronomy offers delicious regional specialities as well as international classics.

Hiking on marked trails, through majestic mountain massifs with spice-scented meadows; discover the boundless high plateaus on a mountain bike; white-waters, the awe-inspiring canyon (Europe’s deepest) of the river Tara, a hot spot for rafters. Eerie caves and ravines where bears and wolves may hide.

The fabulously jagged coastline of the Adriatic Sea offers you the variety of beaches, coves, bays and islets that you have been dreaming of. The reality is even more exotic then the promises found in tourist brochures. The most beautiful in the Mediterranean is Kotor Bay, which is shielded by the Karstic mountains: Rumija, Sutomoran, Orjen and Lovcen.

As the only fiord on the Mediterranean, Boka Kotorska was added to the list of 25 of the most beautiful bays in the world in July 2000

Two thousand years of turbulent but glorious history left traces in every stone in Kotor’s buildings, towers, castles and walls, on paintings, wall-paintings and in sayings written in stones or on paper, on its gates or its narrow streets.

There is this strong feeling in the air of the need for these people to carry on with the centuries-old tradition of this town to welcome and entertain visitors, but also to enchant them with the power of its perplexing narrow streets, squares, old buildings, churches, town walls  and gates. At numerous places which provide an appropriate setting, throughout the whole year, especially in summer, interesting cultural and art programs are organized.

For its unique mixture of different cultures, Kotor entered the list of the world cultural heritage under the protection of the UNESCO.

In the past, the most developed industry in this area was trade and maritime affairs. Seafarers used to bring different products from overseas which they would exchange for the goods they were in need of. In that way Kotor became one of the most important trading centres in this part of the Adriatic coast.

Historical treasures from the earliest settlements to the Njegoš Mausoleum can be found on top of the mountain Lovcen.

The varied history left its tracks from the Roman buildings that are still used as venues up to the fortifications built by the Habsburg realm — with a breathtaking view of the unique Bay of Kotor.

Who will enjoy a holiday in Montenegro? Sunbathers and beach runners, adventurers and discoverers, fans of day-and-night life, nature lovers and people looking for places of spiritual power: as a matter of fact, everybody.

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