Housing for Halloween

Erik Laflamme really gets a kick from scaring people out of their gourds at this time of year



Admittedly a “little warped” (a lot actually when you get right down to it) Erik Laflamme really gets a kick from scaring people out of their gourds at this time of year.

Not for little kids or the faint of heart, and just barely tolerable for the strong of stomach, he and wife Lisa’s very haunted Halloween house (aka Creekside Insanitorium) at 796 Eckhardt Ave. E is at the top of the list either to be avoided or visited.

So for those who have the guts — as long as they last with a blood-smattered, undead creature armed with a chainsaw on your tail — then the eerie Eckhardt property is a must see.

As they have in each of the last three years since they started, the Laflamme’s have topped up the terror tank with a particularly nasty and delicious treat for visitors this year.

Without going into the all-too grisly details, suffice to say it involves a jail cell and the title is Stumpy so read into that what you will, just be prepared.

“The new scare that we’re doing this year is one of the very few that actually got me good,” said Erik. “We’ve actually borrowed this one from Reapers Haunted Attraction in Chilliwack where we got married.

“Doing this every year this really is a lot of fun and rewarding in a sick and twisted kind of way. It’s for the thrill and the adrenaline and the anticipation.”

Again this year, there is a bright side to the couple’s madness.

Entry is by donation and the money will go to a great cause.

This time, through the generosity of the Upper Deck Vees special Olympics hockey team who receive the funds initially, it is the South Okanagan Children’s Charity which will be the beneficiary.

Started by Sun FM radio stations in 1975 it has evolved into the Sunshine Fund and the Miracle Fund both of which help youth and families with expenses along with other South Okanagan projects which benefit kids, including medical and sports equipment.

With the addition of the new scare and the improvements to the other freak outs, Laflamme believes this is the best (worst) they’ve offered up so far.

“I guess it’s kind of twisted and a little bit sick but it’s wonderful,” he said with a sneer/smile.

There’s a theme to this year’s display which revolves around the reincarnation of the bride of Frankenstein, whose fleshless remains are in the coffin at the end of the tour where, not surprisingly, the candy treats await those who have not already gone screaming off into the night.

Erik noted his neighbours are great and most seem to enjoy the action.


“They (nearby residents) can hear the chainsaws and the screaming and they get a giggle out of it,” he said.

“Actually the neighbours across the street just sold recently and included a clause saying the buyers had to be okay with the neighbours across the street doing something for Halloween every year.”

With the exception of the front yard cemetery everything else is under cover and the show goes rain or shine.

The Insanitorium is open 7 to 10 p.m. Thursday and Friday nights and 6 to 10 p.m. Halloween.

The warnings about not being suitable for all ages and people with certain medical conditions are real, according to Erik.

“We could tone it down for the scaredy cats but we’d prefer not to,” he said.