South Okanagan artist taps into teaching

A unique program is offering budding artists the opportunity to take lessons from local painters.

A unique program at the Summerland Waterfront Resort and Spa is offering budding artists the opportunity to take lessons from local painters.

Janice Cornett-Ching is one of the local artists taking part in the line up of summer activities at the Summerland Waterfront Resort hotel that is for both guests of the resort and for the whole community.

The artist workshops have taken place throughout the summer at the patio adjacent to the lobby or in the lobby of the Waterfront Resort if the weather is bad. From Aug. 20 to 24 she will be at the Waterfront, offering lessons from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

“Anyone, at any level, that wants to take an afternoon to learn some techniques can sign up,” said Cornett-Ching. “I had a six-year-old in there which was fun. I teach them watercolours because it is not messy and they can use the sponges and simple things like that so they come away with a little painting.”

She said from raw beginners to those with some experience painting can arrange lessons to learn new techniques in any medium. Cornett-Ching has even taught painters that are 93 years old and teens who are passionate about learning.

“It is fun to see people emerge and teach them colours and all the different tricks to make trees happen. I get so excited when I am teaching it, I love it. The young ones are so in awe of anything and everything. They are so absorbent of everything you tell them,” she said.

Cornett-Ching is an accomplished award-winning, painter living and working in the South Okanagan. She excels at landscapes, portraits and animals as well as painting the natural environment around her.

As a child she had two paintings chosen to hang in the London Art Gallery for two years. Cornett-Ching said she is a self-taught artist and inherited her artistic abilities from her father. She created a unique style and excellent reputation as a painter.

The artist currently has 10 paintings on display at the Waterfront of acrylic and watercolour Okanagan landscapes and has rounded up easels for anyone who wants to come in for a lesson. She is also available for winter classes starting in October out of her home.

For more information on Cornett-Ching visit her website at or call 250–492-4380.