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Give your Penticton home a spring makeover

Why spring is the best season to replace your home’s windows and doors
Replacing your windows this spring can save you money this summer and increase your property value. - Photo courtesy of Ecoline Windows.

Windows in Penticton and other parts of B.C. often endure harsh conditions during the fall and winter , causing them to show signs of wear and tear come spring.

If you notice visible wrinkling, bubbling, or signs of mould around your window and door frames or where they meet the wall, moisture could be penetrating the exterior of your home and causing damage.

Since spring is often a homeowner’s first opportunity to conduct a thorough assessment of any repairs or maintenance needed before the next winter, the experts at Ecoline Windows suggest keeping an eye out during your spring cleaning for any of these telltale signs, including leaks, mould and decay around your windows and doors.

4 benefits to replacing your windows and doors this spring

  1. Optimal weather conditions: Spring brings mild temperatures and reduced precipitation, creating ideal conditions for window and door replacements. Contractors can work efficiently without facing extreme weather challenges, ensuring high-quality installations and minimal disruptions to your day-to-day life.
  2. Energy savings for summer and winter: By replacing your windows and doors in spring, you’ll be prepared for both the heat of summer and the cold-bite of winter. Energy-efficient replacements help maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year-round, reducing reliance on heating and cooling systems and offering lower utility costs.
  3. Enhanced comfort and security: Upgrading to energy-efficient windows and doors enhances comfort by reducing drafts, noise pollution and UV radiation. Modern windows also offer advanced security features for added peace of mind.
  4. Increased property value: Sustainable upgrades like energy-efficient windows and doors can significantly enhance your property’s value. Most potential buyers value energy efficiency and are willing to pay more for homes equipped with sustainable features that offer long-term savings.

Don’t miss out on current rebate programs!

Window and door rebate programs are intended to motivate homeowners to upgrade their homes to be more energy-efficient.

  • Window and door rebate programs are intended to motivate homeowners to upgrade their homes to be more energy-efficient. Residents in B.C. may be eligible for provincial window rebates like the CleanBC Income Qualified Rebate, which offers up to $9,500 per home or $950 per window and/or door. Various requirements must be met to receive the rebate.
  • B.C. residents might also qualify for the B.C. Energy Efficiency Rebate, offering up to $2,000 to replace up to 20 windows and/or doors, roughly $100 per unit. To qualify, residents must reside outside of Vancouver and have a residential utility account with FortisBC, BC Hydro, or a municipal utility. The new windows and doors must be installed by a licensed contractor with a GST number, a valid B.C. business license and have a U-factor of 1.22 (W/m2-k) or lower.

Ecoline Windows is currently offering a third option to homeowners. The Ecoline Green Grant was created to provide more support and encouragement for B.C. residents to create a cleaner, greener B.C. for everyone. The Ecoline Green Grant provides up to $3,750 for window and exterior door replacement.

Unlike traditional grant programs, it offers significant freedom and flexibility to homeowners. Choose from a wide range of Ecoline products without restrictions on R-values or glass types. Whether you’re upgrading your primary residence, mobile home or rental property, or undertaking new construction, the Ecoline Green Grant provides financial support to offset the costs of window and door replacements.

Ecoline Windows offers exterior door and window replacement in Penticton as well as several other communities throughout Western Canada! Find more information about their services and your eligibility for rebate and grant programs online today at or by calling 778-400-2063.