Torchbearers from the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games. From left to right; Penticton's Brayden Kuroda and Anna Spence

Torchbearers from the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games. From left to right; Penticton's Brayden Kuroda and Anna Spence

$60,000 in legacy funds available from Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games

Up to $60,000 is available from the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games legacy fund.

Organizers of the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games are now accepting letters of intent for those interested in receiving up to $60,000 for Legacy Fund Projects.

“After hosting a great Games in February, we are so excited to announce we have just over $60,000 that will be disbursed to non-profit organizations. The Legacy Fund will ensure the spirit of the Games will continue to live in Penticton for a long time,” said Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games President Bill Bidlake.

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Almost 1,800 athletes, coaches and officials along with thousands of spectators converged on Games venues to participate in 17 different sports. Thanks to the concentration of Penticton’s incredible sports facilities, the Games were one of the most compact ever delivered.

One of the many benefits from the Games is an estimated $1.8 million economic impact on Penticton and area as well as showcasing the area to new visitors, who may return to work or play.

There is also a living legacy left in the community with the thousands of volunteers who increased their skill development as well as the financial legacy for hosting the multi-sport event.

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As part of the legacy from hosting the Penticton 2016 BC Winter Games, funds are available to inject back into the community through non-profit sport, cultural or community organizations. Funds may be distributed to individual groups or divided among several sport areas. Priority is given to provincial sports and introduction of new sports.

The evaluating committee will give consideration to the following criteria:

• Funds for children under 16

• Special needs athletes and opportunities to remove barriers and increase accessibility

• Winter Games Sports — Provincial Sport Organizations and not-for-profit

• Capacity for success that leverages community in-kind or has additional funding

• Shows community impact or need, and can identify potential growth

• Sustainability, permanence and visibility in the community

• Project must be completed within allotted timeframe of two years

The funding process will be completed in three phases. First, non-profit organizations must send in a letter of intent demonstrating how they fit the criteria and how they will use the funds they are requesting. Second, a committee will go through those letters, narrowing the field down and forwarding a formal application to those on the shortlist. Third, the committee will choose appropriate projects from those applications.

The deadline to send letters of intent to is Oct. 28 at noon. Letters of intent should not be more than two pages. Only organizations that are shortlisted will be contacted to complete an application form.