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Adoption offers pour in for Kevin, the broken-winged goose

People from as far as the U.S. and Vancouver Island have reached out to help Kevin
Dave Choukalos visits with Kevin, the broken winged Canada goose, a few times a week. Dave’s worried Kevin won’t make it through winter. (Monique Tamminga - Western News)

Everyone wants to help Kevin the Canada goose.

Adoption offers have been pouring in for Kevin, the broken-winged Canada goose who lives at Okanagan Lake in Penticton. Calls and emails from as far as Washington to Comox Valley on Vancouver Island have come into the Western News office since the News featured Kevin earlier this week.

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A waterfowl rescue group in Washington has reached out as have other rescue groups across B.C. and people with big hearts and farms hoping to take in Kevin for the winter.

Some have offered up their heated chicken coop while others, two from Oliver and one from Summerland, have offered up the inside of their homes for Kevin to chill in.

Kevin’s human friend Dave Chuokalos is willing to help out a rescue group that can help his fine feathered friend.

“I go to sleep worrying about Kevin,” Chuokalos said on Friday. “I was just feeding him this morning and he will feed right out of my hand.”

Kevin can’t fly and his gaggle of geese group has ostracized him because of his broken wing. That means he can’t winter with them.

On Wednesday morning, Nov. 11, a group of animal lovers attempted to capture Kevin with a blanket and dog kennel to take him to a bird sanctuary on the Coast. But their attempts were no match for Kevin, who was onto them from the minute they arrived. Kevin went into the safety of the water.

Attempts were made to capture Kevin with a blanket and a net but Kevin had other plans and went into the water. (Monique Tamminga -Western News)
Attempts were made to capture Kevin with a blanket and a net but Kevin had other plans and went into the water. (Monique Tamminga -Western News)

One woman who spearheaded the attempted rescue of Kevin said she has decided Kevin seems healthy enough to live out the winter on his own.

“We reached out to the Burnaby Wildlife Centre and their advise it to leave him alone and to just keep an eye on Kevin and report any illness or weight loss,” she said.

While out visiting Kevin on Wednesday, a couple said they had been visiting with the injured goose for a year now and were pretty sure he’s fed through the winter by staff at the Lakeside Resort. That information hasn’t been confirmed.

What will happen to Kevin and whether he will winter at Okanagan Lake or in the comfort of someone’s home or barn remains to be seen.

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