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‘Care for a bath?’: Sinks fill with brown water in Osoyoos

Town of Osoyoos alerts neighbours to run water for 15 minutes minimum
Who wants a bath? This was the bath water at a home on Gravenstein in Osoyoos on Sept. 8. Osoyoos residents continue to deal with brown water running from their faucets. (Facebook)

On Sept. 8, Dawn Myrthru posted a picture of their bathtub filled with brown water, saying ‘Oh lovely, anyone care for a bath? Could someone please get this water situation under control?”

That was the situation on Gravenstein but the brown water has been coming out of Osoyoos faucets for months in different neighbourhoods, with the town issuing various boil water advisories and warning of brown water and to run taps for 15 minutes before use.

Multiple residents have taken to Facebook over the past spring and summer to share photos of the brown sludge coming out of their kitchen and bathroom faucets.

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The Town of Osoyoos just posted that residents will be experiencing more brown water from their taps while they clean out potable water storage reservoirs.

The Penticton Western News has reached out to Mayor Sue McKortoff both over the phone and through email for a comment on the water situation but she has not responded.

The News has also reached out to the public works department on several occasions to find out if the town is working on solutions. They have not replied.

Over the next couple of weeks (Sept. 12 to 23rd) the Town of Osoyoos will be cleaning its potable water storage reservoirs.

During the cleaning process, users may experience some discoloration due to suspended sediment in their water. This is normal and will be short-lived. Users may also notice an increase in chlorine smell as they ensure adequate chlorine residuals are maintained during this process.

Impacted users should run a cold water tap for 15 minutes minimum. If the discoloration persists or returns after you have witnessed clear water, please contact the Operational Services Department at 250-495-6213.

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