Extra patrols planned for Penticton RCMP on Halloween

Extra patrols are planned by the RCMP for Halloween in Penticton.

Extra patrols are planned by the RCMP for Halloween, but police say that the sometimes-mischievous holiday has calmed down in Penticton lately.

“Fortunately Halloween has evolved over the past few years into more of a fun time than in past years when we had a lot of damages and incidents,” Rick Dellebuur, RCMP spokesperson, said. “Now, yeah, you’ll get some complaints of some kids making some noise and this and that, but there isn’t the mischief that there has been in the past.”

Extra officers will be on the beat as well as Citizens on Patrol volunteers looking out for the safety of the public and trick or treaters, who police advise should stay visible and make sure they are seen by traffic.

Police recommend costumed little ones carry a flashlight and the biggest thing for trick or treaters to worry about is being visible. Police are asking drivers to be aware, slow down and watch for young ones from 5 p.m. to around 7 p.m. or slightly later.

Another issue on Halloween is the setting off of fireworks in town. In Penticton it is against the bylaw to possess or set off firecrackers or fireworks at any time without a permit.

“Not only is it the safety aspect, but also could warrant a fine under the Penticton bylaw,” Dellebuur said. “We need to be careful out there that even though we’ve had a little bit of rain things are still pretty dry especially in the rural areas.”

Dellebuur said setting off fireworks can be dangerous for those using them and in the past people have been injured and even lost fingers due to careless use.

However, fireworks are allowed to be purchased on Penticton Indian Band land, as well as set off. There is a bylaw restricting fireworks usage without a permit in the Regional District of Okanagan too.