The “Cherry on Top Shake Shop” will open on May 20 at 1029 Lakeshore Drive. (Photo- Cherry on Top Facebook)

The “Cherry on Top Shake Shop” will open on May 20 at 1029 Lakeshore Drive. (Photo- Cherry on Top Facebook)

Former Penticton Peach operators ready for next chapter at new Lakeshore Drive location

The owners of the Peach Ice Cream Shop were outbid to operate at the location in April

The previous operators of the Penticton Peach have rebranded their business “out of necessity,” after officially moving out of its iconic location on Lakeshore Drive last month.

Though the signature frozen treats from the Peach Ice Cream Shop will no longer be served out of its familiar lakefront stand, the local business will open at a different location on May 20 under a brand-new name — The Cherry on Top Shake Shop.

The store will be located at 1029 Lakeshore Drive, just a five-minute walk from the Peach, the business announced on Facebook.

“Same delicious menu, but now a different location,” wrote Diana Stirling, the former operator at Penticton’s most famous landmark.

Calgary-based company Family Squeezed Lemonade outbid Stirling by more than 60 per cent to operate at the Peach for the next three years.

Before the details of the new concessions contract were revealed, the city faced public backlash over the decision to reward the operating agreement to a company not based in Penticton.

“Thank you to everyone for your support last month,” Stirling posted on Facebook. “It meant so much to our family.”

The owner is calling the rebrand “Penticton’s most photo-worthy ice cream shop.”

“The Cherry on Top is that extra bit of sweetness in life,” Stirling said. “It’s what you experience when you choose to keep dreaming and creating, even when you lose heart for a little while.”

The newly-named shop can be found on Facebook here.

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