Grad party poses no problems for Penticton police

RCMP say this year's graduation bush party was uneventful

RCMP said the grad bush party known as “sunset” was uneventful.

“It is one of those things where you are glad to see it was uneventful, but at the same time it is not something we condone because it is underage drinking in a spot where we know problems can happen,” said Sgt. Rick Dellebuur. “It is not like we are giving it the good housekeeping seal of approval, but we were pleased to see there was no incidents or problems.”

Last year the grad bush party, that happens the evening before the last day of school, ended with the death of Andrew McAdam. He was stabbed at the party which occurred in the rural Carmi area. McAdam would have been part of this year’s grad class.

This year, RCMP said the party was moved to the Campbell Mountain landfill area at a location known to some as Beer Tree. Dellebuur said extra policing resources were on shift Monday evening and conducted road checks near the party site.

“There was lots of designated drivers and parents shuffling kids back and forth. The officers went up there and spoke with the masses with the message to have good, clean fun and respect each other and they got positive feedback on that,” said Dellebuur.

One vehicle was towed away, booze was dumped out by RCMP and Dellebuur said a few liquor or violation tickets were issued.

“It was very uneventful, nothing major at all occurred,” said Dellebuur.