Hodgkinson says he offers change

City of Penticton: Hodgkinson, Tim Councillor candidate

Tim Hodgkinson is deeply concerned about the direction Penticton has been taking.

He said he learned it about it first hand, fighting a battle with the city for over 18 months as the director of operations of the Penticton Hospitality Association.

Hodgkinson said as a member of the community he knows many residents and small businesses have suffered financially because of bad decision making by city officials. He wants people to vote Nov. 15 based on those past experiences and on future potential.

Hodgkinson said voting him to council will offer a change at city hall of collaboration, accountability, energy and professionalism. He added he would like to see fewer in-camera sessions at city council, freedom of information, more respect for the opinions of the residents and a less cavalier approach to taxpayers dollars.

Hodgkinson is a business professional with over 25 years of commercial experience throughout Europe and North America within the media, advertising and marketing industry. He said he also is an e-commerce pioneer and investor.

After 15 years of visiting his family in Penticton, he finally moved to the city with his partner and young son in 2011 to semi-retire.



As a senior business professional I have over 25 years commercial experience throughout Europe and North America within the marketing and technology sectors. I was asked to provide a friendly, guiding hand to ensure the successful stewardship of the Hotel Room Tax (two per cent) for the community.

I manage and advise on all external tourism marketing operations and am renowned for identifying what’s working, what’s not and then fixing it. I roll up my sleeves and get on with the job.

I respect the past but want to embrace the future in equal measure. I’m concerned about our direction. I know first-hand that many people had their lives disrupted and small businesses are on the back-foot, suffering financially due to bad decision making or an inability of city officials to listen to public opinion. Incompetence, law suits, division — this has to stop.