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Keep ‘the charm’ in Penticton: New project aims to preserve Lakeshore Drive’s history

Increasing front yard setbacks, minimum lot widths, and building height restrictions proposed

The city is looking at preserving the the ‘neighbourhood charm’ of one of Penticton’s most loved streets —Lakeshore Drive.

In fact, a pair of Penticton neighbourhoods are being looked at for a new project that aims to protect local heritage and character whenever development is proposed on Lakeshore Drive and Windsor Avenue/Cherryland.

Residents of these neighbourhoods are invited to have their say on the project through filling out a questionnaire.

The city says it could potentially amend zoning bylaws in support of protecting the heritage of the aforementioned areas.

“These are two well-loved neighbourhoods known for their big front yards, mature trees and quaint or historic homes,” said Blake Laven, the city’s director of development services. “Through the Neighbourhood Charm Project, we are going to work with area residents to see if there is interest in looking for ways to celebrate or preserve the character of these unique streets.”

Council directed staff to work on the project at an April 15 meeting.

Through the completion of a multi-question form on, staff will determine how to preserve the heritage of Penticton’s “two most charming neighbourhoods.”

“Something as simple as increasing front yard setbacks and minimum lot widths, and limiting maximum building heights can do a lot to preserve the look and feel of a neighbourhood for existing residents, especially in areas where there is a mix of new construction,” Laven added. “We look forward to hearing what residents would like to see.”

Those who complete the form will be prompted to either agree or disagree with proposed zoning changes to the neighbourhoods, like limiting building forms to single and two-family housing.

Parts of the city’s downtown core currently have variances that prevent builders from constructing anything over three storeys. No such zoning laws exist in these neighbourhoods.

As part of the engagement process, those who own heritage properties will also be asked whether they want a plaque installed in front of their building.

Council recently approved the proposed installation of plaques on 40 of the city’s most iconic properties.

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Residents in the Lakeshore Drive and Windsor Avenue/Cherryland neighbourhoods will receive a letter and handout this week describing the project and inviting them to participate in the workshop.

The Lakeshore Drive Neighbourhood Charm Workshop is planned for Oct. 1 at 10 a.m. in Lackawanna Park, with the Cherryland Neighbourhood workshop set to run on Oct. 8 at 10 a.m. in Windsor Park.

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