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Larson wants funding to be used to save Osoyoos Secondary School

M:A Linda Larson announced $118,102 in funding that she said she would like to be used to save Osoyoos Secondary School.
Osoyoos Secondary School

Boundary-Similkameen MLA Linda Larson announced today the provincial government is providing the Okanagan-Similkameen School District with $118,102 in funding and called for the funding to be used to save Osoyoos Secondary School.

Today’s announcement of $118,102 in funding is just one step in MLA Larson’s plan to resolve this cost pressure and save Osoyoos Secondary School.

“I’m looking forward to working with the school district, school board, parents and the Town of Osoyoos to find a way to save Osoyoos Secondary School,” Larson said.

“Between the $118,102 in money that I have announced today, and other possibilities such as using the property to generate other revenue, I believe we have a viable plan to keep Osoyoos Secondary School open,” Larson added.

“Throughout the past few months many of my constituents have asked me what I could do to help save our school. In that time I have been working with the Minister of Education on ways to save this school and am very pleased with the new funding to help this goal that we have announced today.”

Districts made real efforts to reduce spending on their administration costs – and those efforts have made it possible to help flow those resources into classrooms and services for students. The amount of money being left with districts is equal to the Year 2 of administrative savings districts were asked to find.

School districts, including SD 53, have been informed that they will not have to pay their share of $25 million worth of provincial charges this.

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