Libertarian Party banner allegedly stolen from Penticton bridge

‘Being new to the party I’m feeling kind of bad that it’s gone missing,’ said candidate Keith MacIntyre

A B.C. Libertarian Party banner has allegedly been stolen off the bridge on Channel Parkway in Penticton.

After discovering his party’s banner to be missing, Penticton Libertarian Party candidate Keith MacIntyre is pleading for the banner’s return.

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During the week after B.C.’s Oct. 24 provincial election, MacIntyre went to the bridge to retrieve the banner but was shocked when it was no longer there.

The B.C. Libertarian Party banner on the Channel Parkway bridge before it went missing. (Contributed)

According to MacIntyre, Penticton bylaw officials said they did not remove the banner and local Liberal and NDP affiliates also said they did not see the banner when they were removing theirs from a nearby location. This led MacIntyre to believe the banner was stolen before election day.

MacIntyre said he would like to see the banner returned as it belongs to his party, not him.

“We’re a pretty low-budget party, we don’t all the frivolous subsidies like the big parties have,” MacIntyre said. “We have two of those banners and they mailed it out to me because we were doing so well in our campaign here and we had such a good spot for it… being new to the party I’m feeling kind of bad that it’s gone missing.”

MacIntyre received over 700 votes in the Penticton riding, the most ever for any B.C. Libertarian Party candidate.

There are 30 total Libertarian candidates who ran in B.C.’s latest provincial election. Across the province, the B.C. Libertarian Party received over 8,000 votes.

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