Madsen running for a seat on city council

City of Penticton: Madsen, Brent Councillor candidate

Brent Madsen

Brent Madsen

Born in Edmonton, spent 15 years as an electrician, four years as an auto mechanic. Spent last 23 years living and working on Main Street in Penticton, opened first coffee bar in 1994 called the Hungary Eye, spent the last 12 years operating the 85-year-old Elite Restaurant.

Worked as membership co-ordinator for the Penticton Chamber of Commerce in the mid 90s.

I believe with the right group of energetic people it is possible to move forward with positive common sense decisions and make it possible for small businesses to continue to create jobs with as much help as possible from city hall.

I may not have all the right answers but I am a good listener and I plan to install a large suggestion box at the Elite.

I realize we need not only a strong vibrant downtown but we also need to pay attention to or industrial sector, our wine industry, and our provincial and civic employees.