Media showing its bias

Media uses finance minister Kevin Falcon's resignation to refer to Liberal government as a sinking ship

Finance minister Kevin Falcon resigns and the B.C. media starts the propaganda that he is leaving because the B.C. Liberal government is a sinking ship.

They forget to mention that Graham Steele, the NDP finance minister in Nova Scotia, an icon resigns in the third year of their mandate. Graham says his departure is driven by personal consideration and a internal clock that chimes for a career change.

Bill Estabrook, the NDP minister of transportation, a five-term elected candidate, also resigns because of advanced Parkinson’s disease. The premier does not blow a gasket, just has a cabinet shuffle and life goes on.

Here in B.C., the media is saying that it is time for a change of government because the B.C. Liberals have been in government for 11 years. They don’t mention that it is OK for Alberta keeping the Conservatives in government for 41 years, the NDP in Manitoba for 13 years, the Liberals in Ontario for 10 years and the Conservatives in Newfoundland and Labrador for nine years. How come it is always OK in other Canadian provinces but never OK in B.C.

The time has come that the B.C. media start mentioning facts for comparison purposes and using reality before propaganda remarks are made.

We won’t go into it, but these media people do make good wages, so start earning it. The taxpayers have the final say in who will be government, and they should not be marking their voting ballots based on B.C. media propaganda.

If you compared this scenario with a kindergarten class, the B.C. media would be in the detention room everyday of the school year. Unbelievable, but true.

Joe Sawchuk