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Meet the candidates: Tarik Sayeed

Tarik Sayeed is the B.C. NDP candidate in the Penticton riding
Tarik Sayeed is the B.C. NDP candidate in the Penticton riding. Submitted photo

As part of our B.C. election coverage the Penticton Western News asked candidates to submit a bio about themselves, why they are running and what is the most important issue in the Penticton riding.

I love living in the Okanagan. There are so many amazing people that are working hard every day to make their lives better. As a Penticton City Councillor, I have worked hard for the people in our community. As a technology innovator and business-owner, I founded a tech start-up that created gesture recognition software to translate American Sign Language into text and audio. I know that growing the high-tech sector is essential to building a strong, stable economy.

I’ve also seen how the decisions Christy Clark is making are hurting our economy and our community.

While Christy Clark is giving tax breaks to her rich friends, she’s making life harder for everyday people – from increasing our MSP, Hydro and ICBC fees to gutting our schools and healthcare.

I’m proud to stand with John Horgan and the BC NDP because we’ll put hard-working people first. We’re committed to proper funding for our kids’ schools, making life more affordable, and building a sustainable economy with jobs that pay better and jobs that last.

It’s time to build a better B.C. One that works for everybody. You can count on me to work for you.

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