Thomas Kruger-Allen will be sentenced in January for a beach attack that left one man with permanent brain damage. (Facebook)

Missing report delays Kruger-Allen beach attack sentencing

Kruger-Allen will wait to learn his fate for the 2019 beach attack

A missing toxicology report has delayed sentencing for one of Penticton’s most infamous criminals.

Thomas Kruger-Allen, 23, was supposed to learn his fate in Penticton Supreme Court today (Dec. 7) for an attack at a beach in May 2019 that left one man with permanent brain damage.

But, his lawyer James Pennington told the judge he was looking for the report to bring to the sentencing hearing but couldn’t place it. His sentencing has been put over to Jan. 4.

It was in June when Kruger-Allen pleaded guilty to aggravated assault of Brad Eliason for the May 3, 2019 beach attack. He also pled guilty to assaulting two other people that night on the beach. He’s facing a fourth charge for sexual assault.

Bradley Eliason, 29, was put into an induced coma for several days and a portion of his skull needed to be removed due to brain swelling.

Last year, Eliason’s wife, Chelsea Townend, told the Western News that her husband had stepped in to stop an altercation at a bonfire on the beach when he was allegedly struck by Kruger-Allen. As a result, Eliason fell and struck his head on the concrete.

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Kruger-Allen was granted bail by Judge Michelle Daneliuk one month after the attack in 2019. Then in October, less than three months after being granted bail, he was put back in jail facing seven charges in connection with an Oct. 19, 2019 incident.

He has been in custody since his October arrest.

The charges include one count of break and enter, two counts of aggravated assault, one count of assault causing bodily harm, uttering threats, and two counts of breaching probation.

Two years prior to these alleged assaults, Kruger-Allen committed a ‘vicious’ assault outside the then Mule nightclub in 2017.

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A Penticton judge found him guilty and described the back-alley swarming as an “unprovoked” and “vicious assault” and then handed Kruger-Allen four months of house arrest.

Three men were charged in that assault that left the victim with a shattered nose and a broken orbital bone.

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